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    • By ub3r_n3rd
      Brock Battlebow (Wren) - Reaper SKU #03371, sculpted by Tom Mason
      Gungor (Torg), Half-Orc Monk - Reaper SKU #02926, Sculpted by James van Schaik
      Halfling Rogue with Daggers (Sapheryn TeaLeaf) - DSM SKU #DSM7309, Sculpted by Derek Schubert
      Here are the 3 figures I painted up this week for my D&D group to give away as xmas gifts inside the D&D Dice/Miniature Chests I modified.
      First off we have the party's Dwarf Crossbowman Fighter, Wren. I was asked to give him a green/brown color scheme with a hilly base (as he's a hill dwarf). The basing is made using sculpey, the tree is a resin bit I had from a previous Secret Weapon Miniatures order.

      Next, we have Torg, the half-orc barbarian who is multi-classing into monk. I was asked to do a orange and white color scheme with a mountainous base. Used cork board and a bit of bark to do the basing.
      Sorry for the bad pics, the player wanted to take him home to show to his friends and family and display for a while rather than leave with me. I didn't have time to take pics other than at the gaming mat today.

      Finally, we have the party's rogue, a red-headed halfling who goes by the name Sapheryn TeaLeaf. I was asked to follow a color scheme based on a character portrait given to me on a rooftop base. The base is hand-made by me using plasticard and thick paper.

      I painted all of these up to my Tabletop + standard, which takes me about 4-6 hours to do. Very fun projects, happy I was able to get them done in time for today's game!
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