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Please help, color trouble.

The Shine

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Hi, I'm brand new here and am in need of some help. I've recently built a photobox consisting of a square base and two sides. I made it with some old foamcore I had lying around. I was using my old primer box (the box I used to prime with) as it had an "old warehouse" look to it.


NOW, the reason I built the new box was that I wanted a white background to better contrast with my paint, to better show off my work. However, since using the new white box my pics are no longer sharp, they seem under exposed and never in focus no matter how hard I try.


I thought it might have been the camera but after going through all of my settings, and I do mean ALL of them, I've deduced that this was not the case. I changed the only thing left... The Box!...


After going back to the old black, grey and tattered box, all of my pics have vibrant true to hue colors again! They're all sharp again! They have the old drab grey and black background again.


So my question is this, WHY? what's going on, why can I not take a pic with an all white background? Please help me, I'm trying to produce some nice, pro looking pics and your help is greatly appreciated.

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