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paint-on-primer suggestions

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I've been using Vallejo primers for over a decade with no issues.  I've primed Bones (white and black), plastic, metal and resin models by brush and airbrush and have yet to have any complaints.  I had one large Bones piece go tacky, but I put all kinds of weird stuff on it, including mixed with the primer, so I'm blaming that.  Otherwise, when just using it straight with a little airbrush thinner or water, I've had no issues.  

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11 hours ago, Chirpncia said:

Reapers or Brown's liener would be your great picks, try it, they're are more useable.  


As a primer it doesn't do anything the actual primers don't do and comparatively it's ridiculously expensive. It's good on bones if you already own it and don't prime all that much, but I'd never suggest buying for the purpose.

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