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02631 Skeletal Cavalry Project 2 of 2 for Fealron

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My second project for Fealron marked off a few firsts: First magnetization, first mounted cavalry, first Pugh sculpt.




Here you can see the 2mm magnets inserted strategically.


This is how he sits mounted.  But, I wanted to keep it removable, thus the magnets.  I confirmed it would stay in place upside-down!



A sharpened paper clip acting as the scaffold for the horn.  I also sharpened the lance tip.  It comes cylindrical out of the blister.




Green putty to make the horn and cover/reinforce the magnets.




White brush on primer, Black on the base.  
I tried a little experiment with the base coat to give the bone a more orange look:  1:1 Ruddy Flesh:Desert Stone.  It may become my go-to for bone work.

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Straight Desert Stone.


Washed with Agrax Earthshade.

Reapplied Desert Stone.


Dirty Bone


Splintered Bone with a touch of Desert Stone.



Dragon White.






The horn, hooves, and blanket are the Dusky Skin Triad, with a 4th layer final highlight of 1:1 Dusky Sin Highlight:Dragon White.

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Thanks!  It was truly a labor of love, and it was bittersweet to give them up.


The rider was painted the same way as far as the bone.







The spear is Woodstain Brown, Shield Brown, Driftwood Brown.  The tip then got Dragon Black.



Ashen Blue under the Metal.

Scale Color Heavy Metal and Speed Metal.

Then very dilute blue, black, green and brown GW glazes.

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Next up was a device for the shield.  Fealron’s request involved a woodland creature, normally good but turned to evil, and perhaps a minion for a necromancer.  That was where the ideas for corrupted then raised unicorns came from.  Checked off all 3 requests with each figure!  I envisioned a Druid-turned-Blighter-turned-Necromancer.  So the device was to be a tree:  half dead wood, half skeletal!







Basically the tree used the same colors as the spear, and the bone recipe above.



Saddle and belt and stirrups on rider.

Muddy Brown, Earth Brown, Tanned Leather with a touch of Earth Brown, glazed over with Agrax Earthshade.

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This was the protection system:  I had some 1 inch gray foam I cut into a tray.  It then got bubble wrapped and shipping peanuts, and arrived safely, intact and on time!

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