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Lost Kingdom Miniatures 3D Maghmorin Dwarfs' ziggurat Terrain KS April 6th


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10 hours ago, SamuraiJack said:

Considering cancelling as well.. I don't see it getting to 1250 backers to unlock the Quetzlacoatl STL.. which is freaking amazing.. 


In the last KS it was a physical model.

It was the only one I didn't get because it was so freaking huge.

If the STL becomes available it might be interesting to downsize it to half the size, that would be enough.


I have considered to pledge again.

Calculations have been made, I could, but to be honest I would probaly print one or two of the dinos ( th sailback is amazing) and maybe a small temple.

The other buildings, beautiful as they are, I couldn't store them if I printed them.

And I already have the whole army, the frog sorcerer, the t-rex monster I already have those as minis from the last KS.


When they become available in retail I will pick up that sailback and maybe a few other things.


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Okay, that does it!

I need that Dread Saurian!


I pledged again!!!

Somehow I can't resist these things.

I do have the whole army from their last Kickstarter and I found those sculpts to be wonderful.

Still working on one of the Tlemiahuatl ( Fire Salamander).


Can't wait to be able to print that Saurus.

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