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D&D session prep- scatter terrain

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So with the big confrontation coming for my group this Friday, I’ve been busily prepping some terrain to go along with the portal I posted up last week.  


some crystal formations (wish I had hollowed them).  Done with mostly clear resin, though there was a little red left in the tank.  58C29881-9DFD-4A78-A138-0B9C574F43AD.thumb.jpeg.1d1e7a90f9903a8767a6174aa1fa943d.jpeg
Based. Used green painters tape to fill the gap in the bases.  I may regret this...



Bases have been prepped with some Vallejo texture paste.  You may notice a large surprise for my guys who is going to interrupt their encounter with the Drow.  His wings are printing right now.  

Thanks for looking. 

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So managed to hammer out some work this evening. 

Primed all the non “clear” stuff with Vallejo Surface Primer. 


All the stone/ground got a quick layer of Reaper Wood Grey and the crystals for a coat of Tamiya clear (red, green and blue). 

I then gave the chains a light over brush with Reaper Dragon Bronze followed by a lighter one of Vallejo Chainmail Silver.  


All the stone and metal then got a layer of Vallejo Dark Grey Model Wash.  And that’s it for tonight.   



In case folks were curious, the following 2 pictures show the red resin with and without the red Tamiya clear.   In both cases, the plain resin is on the right.   


Lastly, clear resin versus red resin, both with Tamiya Red. 


Thanks for looking. 



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Those are LOVELY crystals. The chained, floating one are WONDERFULLY imaginative. OUTSTANDING WORK!

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On 3/16/2020 at 4:36 PM, lowlylowlycook said:

Yeah, I love the chained crystals.  Can I ask where you got the chains?

The chains are part of the model that was 3d printed.  It is similar in size to what you could buy at Michael's or other craft stores that sell jewelry pieces. 

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