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Blackstone Heath, the Village Folk: Part 1 : 28mm Medieval / Fantasy Villagers - 48 hours left!


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Live: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blackstone/blackstone-heath-the-village-folk-part-1


Creator has eight completed miniatures KS, including the Albedo one, if you remember awhile back.


Myself, I backed it because of guys *sitting*. Yes, sitting. It's pretty difficult to find miniatures of people sitting, despite the tavern trope. Everyone's armed with a sword or something, ready to lop your head off. Makes sense in a dungeon, not so when you're talking with the barkeep. Also, this set has guys fighting *unarmed*. Farmers didn't exactly need swords to tend their fields, and it's silly to enter a bar with a pitchfork. Yet, pretty much every generic miniature you see that's up for a fight has some sort of weapon, which works in a dungeon, but doesn't make sense in a tavern. One of the additional sets, btw, is an exorcism, no doubt a reference to the movie. Despite the narrowness of the overall theme, the individual figures can be used in multiple genres.


More pics on Lead Adventurers: https://leadadventureforum.com/index.php?topic=123109.0


Anyway, if you've backed one of his previous projects, please let me know what you thought of it!



 I was amazed a year ago to see Evocatus’ project on Kickstarter to digitally sculpt the most animated and believable villagers that I had ever seen. I immediately feel in love with the range, but did not have a high end resin 3D printer. I thought, I bet there are a lot of other gamers like me who would love these miniatures but have not got a resin printer, or would just prefer packs of the miniatures, cast in metal, delivered ready to paint so I contacted the sculptor and agreed a collaboration to mould and cast this lovely range. This campaign is Part 1 or Blackstone Heath: Village Folk and represents about half of the village folk available. If it is popular the remainder will follow is a second campaign latter this year.



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Sheep and barrel unlocked!

It's like a barrel of monkeys, except no monkeys and only one sheep.


Pic of the Exorcist set from the LA forums. While the theme is pretty specific, the individual miniatures should be useful for a variety of genres and situations. 

This is the only cleric / monk miniature I've seen not wielding a weapon or cross.



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Creator uploaded a YouTube video of the miniatures. Dunno if direct links to YT are allowed, so here's a link to the update of the video :P 



Pugilistic villagers. Guy in dark clothing seems to be taking bets. :lol: Figures should work as generic rioters or ruffians.

SG's unlocked: Sheep, barrel, and dog!




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Sally 4th also has a thread on Lead Adventurers of his own town the miniatures come from. Thread includes terrain tips for the crafters!



"Joe, you should use stand on one of these 'base' things instead of sitting on that slimy old log."




Those guys are fighting everywhere! 




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