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A "Robin Hood" style warband


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I am in the mood to do some fantasy figures and was thinking what could look good. Then I saw the figure 14021 : Shad Coalshadow, Thief and thought hmmm a band of woodlandy / rangery / Robin Hoody types could look good. However one search throught the on-line store (which I always find painfull when browsing) didn't produce much. So I figure take the lazy way out and ask the Reaper Peps to help me out. So please suggest away, note the figures don't have to be Reaper ones, if you find an awesome figure that fits the concept please let me know about it.





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Top Posters In This Topic

2086, Faramir,ranger

2152,Fafhir,big ranger


2186,Alfred, bard

2226 Eldarion, elf(with hood up), bow

2231,Sir Miguel, fancy gent w/sword

2292, Derak, bow w/mail

2565, Cardolan, ranger

2643, Diedra, thief

2645, Maria Roseblade

2648, Schumacher, Ranger

2666, Hans, Ranger

14014, Artemis

14025, Kyla



That's my starting suggestions. There are more in the boneyard......Unarmored, bow-armed MALE humans are scarce........

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I think 2689 Kurff the Swift was made for this warband.




Also, if you want Robin Hood himself, Sandra Garrity did a limited edition sculpt you can get at Discount Hobby if you spend $30 there. He'll only be available till the end of August, though.



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Are you opposed to going with other figures?


There is Bertrand the Brigand and his band of "merry men" that would fit the role quite nicely. From there, just fill in as you need.


I've been working on some Robin Hood figures for a while.... what I'd really like to do is put together a warband of Robin and his men based on the old BBC series "Robin Hood" (the one with the soundtrack by Clannad)


Maybe I should put together Sir Guy of Gisben and some of the Sherrif's men.

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That's my starting suggestions. There are more in the boneyard......Unarmored, bow-armed MALE humans are scarce........

Yeah I had this problem earlier when I needed a human male archer in light or no armor. You had the option of the Highlander archers essentially. Most of the rangers were the sword based fellas rather than bowmen. I was considering making my character female just to find a mini to fit.


I ended up converting Colin Coalshadow, removing his sword and scabbard and swapping it for a bow and quiver. Here's the conversion pics


No I have not painted him yet. I am lazy. I also spent so much time converting him, I want to make sure I'm sharp and don't do a bad paintjob.

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I'm in the process of putting together a warband of this nature for Mordheim, as I stated in a previous post. Here's what I ended up with :

Cardolan (leader)

Kurff ( champion)

Fergus the Weaver(champion)

Slipshadow(petty thief)

some GW Friar Tuck-looking guy who's name I can't remember (cleric)

Derek the Tall , assorted GW Wood Elves , and Bertrand the Brigand( as marksmen)


I'm in the process of painting the newer ones...woodsy greens and browns, coppers and bronzes, that kinda thing. The GW stuff I've had for years, and they currently possess some of my early bad paint jobs. :upside: I'll probably touch 'em up after I finish the Reaper stuff.

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