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"The mechanic" LE Bust

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This bust is "The Mechanic" a robot mechanic in a post-apocalyptic world.

Is a high quality resine figure (limited edition) Scale 1/10


The copies are ready, so the shipment will be immediate once the project is finished

Thanks to the backers of this campaign, is happening and will be my second miniature :-)

The approximate shipping costs are:

Spain: 6€

Europe: 12€

USA: 15€

Rest of america:  15€

Asia: 15€

Oceania: 15€

Africa: 15€

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3 minutes ago, Clearman said:

Either that, or North and South America outside US. 

I suspected such, just feels weird to be lumped in that way. I'll give them some leeway though, because I'm guessing being based out of Spain, English is not their first language. ^_^

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