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Japanese Warrior Cats 28-32mm miniatures by Zabavka Workshop


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Hi there, we are the "Zabavka Workshop" team, we make high-quality collectible miniatures mostly on a 28-75mm scale.

We were inspired to create a collection of Japanese warrior cats by our love of Japanese culture and cats, of course. At the moment, we have already made prototypes and first copies of almost all the miniatures, except for a few. 

All models are ready for production.

We hope that you share our love and are gonna support us, for which we will be very grateful. 

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4 hours ago, Disciple of Sakura said:

The cats' faces look a little weird to me. They don't read as "cats" that much.




The faces are a little samey. It would be nice if one had it's mouth open, mid-meow, or maybe full on agro. A paw shaped eye-patch on one wouldn't hurt (just a goofy personal wish).

On the other hand, I kinda like the one with the bow. He looks like the goofball of the bunch. Love the pose on the ninja cat. That one looks ready to get his kill on. Digging the eye scar. :ph34r:

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