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Northvakt, a 3D printable viking village!

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First and foremost, thank you for visiting my project page!

After the first project that I have launched through kickstarter (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/3dlayeredscenery/3dlayeredscenery-medieval-township-tabletop-edition) , I have been able to invest in better equipment to continue to develop as a designer. This investment enabled me to create more natural shapes and sharper detail.

Support free models

Support free printing has been a guideline for this project, therefore every model has been designed to print without support and test printed to verify this. Some models do include easy removable custom supports.

The project of Northvakt!

The core pack of this kickstarter supplies a large number of models so that a fully-fledged viking village can be created right away, however with the unlocked stretch goals this village can only expand further and further!

The project can be subdivided in a village aspect, including buildings and several props, And a defense aspect, including the palisade walls.

What is included in this kickstarter ?

  • Six amazing buildings.
  • Twelve different fencing options.
  • Six prop stacks and all individual prop pieces.
  • Water well prop and a wanted board prop.
  • Four different trees.
  • two row board props.
  • Three directional posts.
  • Palisade straight wall, seamless inter-connectable . 
  • Palisade sharp inward corner wall, seamless inter-connectable . 
  • Palisade sharp outward corner wall, seamless inter-connectable . 
  • Palisade gatehouse, seamless inter-connectable . 
  • Palisade walkways for every wall.
  • Palisade ladders.

 A total of over 60 Stl-files, only to expand even more with unlocked stretch goals! 

I would like to show you the possibilities of this set with the diorama below.

This diorama has been created by Fredrik Lybeck, owner of the brand: Lybbans miniatures. His youtube channel can be found through the following link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHDoIg6C0JwFffschmTq-iw/videos

afe4acf9bb7f52a9bd2f9e3cbc41d11c_origina Diorama
5055c654f34ae8336e27c8f8d4d30d29_origina Close up
9ff12841fcc0c396ab224b0b66d76ff3_origina Close up 2

The village of Northvakt

The village of Northvakt consist of a total of six different buildings with detailed exterior and interior from a reasonable small size, 14 centimeres wide, to a extremely large size of 45 centimeters wide. All buildings will be individually featured below.

Small viking house

349e8cfd000c73155800d8fa121d18e9_origina Small viking house

This small house will be used most likely by the less wealthy viking in the village.

Normal viking house

f855313195eed22e2fd1c7925e67ad42_origina Viking house

This viking house is a bit more luxurious compared to the small building, however it does not offer enough room for a whole family to live in.

Viking blacksmith building

8ebb02b045147409519aa054c32432e1_origina Viking blacksmith

The viking blacksmith has some more unique features to it, especially the boat-shaped overhang is something that makes this building stand out from the crowd.

Viking small countryhouse

508b4e08b4329e3c33aabaa327aa4dd7_origina Small viking countryhouse

What makes the country buildings unique compared to the other buildings is that their roofs extend further towards the ground. This makes it possible for vines to creep up on them, which happened to this building.

Viking large country-house

5f8a62b0b1bd593a38716d14524dcd9b_origina viking large countryhouse

This country-house is made with more 'natural' material as you can tell from the logs that still have most of their branches connected to them. This buildings offers space for a whole family and includes a fireplace inside.

Viking large countryhouse option 2

4c4e4112cf1c81a0620f44b840a96f39_origina large countryhouse option 2

The large country-house offers a second option which includes a large old tree which has grown into it.

Viking townhall/longhall

d719dd76f1deacaef82de0655b484d98_origina Viking Townhall/Longhall

Last but definitely not least, the largest building of the village, the viking townhall/longhall. This building is a staggering 45 centimeters wide and offers enough space for your whole village to feast!


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