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In the Bones 4 Core set there were some "pillar tops". Six each of five different styles. These were a bit strange, as they were obviosly designed to fit into *something*, but nothing that they even remotely might fit in was included in the Bones 4 KS. Or elsewhere in the Reaper lineup as far as I know.


I was not the only one that found this a bit strange, and luckily one of these others was Curufin, who designs stuff on Thingiverse. He has posted some pillars that fit said tops, and here I have used one of these designs. I printed out the four different, and quickly decided that the tall rough one was the one I liked the best.




There were six of each top in the Core set, and I have painted a pair of each design, as I see these as typically found on either side of a door, a road, or whatever. The rest go in the bits box until I have some specific uses for them.



I chose to paint them to fit in the style of my dungeon- and goblin grotto-3Dprinted stuff, with a black undercoat followed by dark green, sandy yellow and offwhite. A really quick and rough paint job to get them off the shelf and onto the table top.



The pillar tops were larger than I had expected.



#136, #137, #138, #139, #140: The Piller Tops subset

Bones 4 Core set, 2019

Reaper Miniatures

unknown sculptor

Made in Bonesium PVC

3D printed pillars

should be available from reapermini.com some time in the future in Bones.


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