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2017 ReaperCon Sophie

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So to wrap up one of my 2020 goals, I figured I would start on actually *gasp* painting a Sophie! I have no less than 3 in my stash, and I figured I would start practicing some concepts from all of my learning while I was at it..


I decided to pick the ReaperCon 2017 Sophie and since she has somewhat of an aquatic theme to her, I am going to shamelessly "borrow" some ideas from Disney...because why not...


Disney HD Wallpapers: The Little Mermaid HD Wallpapers



I did my usual priming routine but -THIS TIME- I added an additional directional light to reinforce a direction.


Also, I have turned back to inks for some foundation work. This time incorporating Sepia, Orange, and Yellow for the wings. Glazing over the transitions established by the airbrush to set the initial values and tones.




I followed up by using Reaper Burgundy Wine, Tanned Flesh and Fair Skin for the skin tones, including a bit of FW White Ink to lighten up the brightest highlights. I used Kimera Kolors magenta + White Ink and hit her lips. I might come back with a bit brighter color to hit the lip gloss sheen.


I still need to work on blending the transitions between light and dark areas, and as well as obviously hit the arms and legs more.





I also wanted to capture "Ariel's" aqua-emerald eyes. and I am REALLY happy how they came up this time. It doesn't hurt that this sculpt did a very good job of sculpting the eye area. So super-duper zoom to see the tiny eyes.


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Took some time today to block in a few more colors:

  • Coated her hair beads, scales, and her pet are coated with FW Turquoise Ink.
  • Her necklace and conch shell in her hair are Citadel Screaming Skull.
  • For her top, I went with Scale75 Inktense Violet, with a combination of some FW White Ink.
  • Her flower is Kimera Kolors Magenta, and both her lips and flower with highlighted with Magenta + FW White Ink.
  • Her bottle and skirt are Kimera Kolors Pthalo Green, with the highlights adding Kimera Kolors Cool Yellow.
  • Her teddy bear is similar to her wings, basically FW Sepia + FW Orange.





Edit: Pushed her hair tone more towards red by glazing in some Kimera Red Oxide + Red. Painted up the base a bit with some brown and green tones, and glued her down - although she will need some help here to keep her to stick. Worked in some the yellows into the sea creatures fins. Reinforced the wings a bit of white ink + sepia + orange. I will probably end up having to pull her back off to paint the other side of the sea creature's face - but I needed to add a bit of putty under one of her feet to keep her from having floating foot syndrome.



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Tonight was adding some more colors to "Flounder" which, I am keeping some of the same tones but muting them a bit as to not take too much away from Sophie. I added a bit of Pthalo Green to the FW Turquoise Ink to his head and gill area.






Added in some purples into his fins, and worked on basecoating his teeth - still trying to decide what to do with his huge bug-eyes.

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3/22 - Painting with a cold...


No, no COVID-19 for me, but still fighting off a cold. Managed to muster up enough energy tonight to put in a bit more work. There are a few areas that I have touched up with primer since there are a few areas where the paint rubbed off that I will have to come back and finish up. Added some more magenta to the hair, but will need to blend it a little more.









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3/25 - Touch ups and spear


So lots of little things were done.

  • Blocked in the spear, and shaded the spear point with a bit of Scale75 Inktense Blue+Black.
  • Added another glaze of sepia + orange to the wings to bring it down from the yellow and more into the leathery brown spectrum. Added another sepia glaze into the shadows to darken them up to compensate a bit. Added more orange + white + sepia in the spines of the wings, especially the top-most ones leading towards her face.
  • Touched up the teddy bear; coloring in the button eyes and highlighting the stiching.
  • Added additional edge highlighting to some of the dress scales to give it a bit more pop.
  • Used 2:1 Vallejo Metal Color Gold/Copper + 1 drop of FW Orange ink to make a nice warm gold. Put that on the shoulder pauldron, and glazed some sepia ink into the shadows.
  • Added in some Scale Inktense Violet to increase the saturation of the purple top, and added a touch of Kimera Magenta to push it more towards a warm purple.
  • Glazed her hair (again) with a thin Magenta, then added a tiiiiiiiny sprinkle of white to add in the hair reflection line.






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