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    • By Brianuk
      Am getting into painting Reaper Bones. After washing them in soap and water I worked up from washes with Army Painter inks. Then used base coats over that and further washes. I normally use "strong tone" but like to mix it up. C and c welcome. 

    • By CoolAliasHere
      Zakfir walks through the streets of Middenheim as if he were Emperor.  His robes, clean and flawless.  On either side his bodyguards keep a watchful eye, hands resting upon their crossbows.  The group passes a small shop, known for their elixirs and alchemical remedies, turns right and proceeds towards the grant park in the center of the city.  Zakfir prides himself as being one of the people, though most seem has a merely flaunting his wealth; a trait not looked upon favorably by the shadow stalking the three.  As the pass the alley near The Slaughtered Lamb Tavern, something catches the bodyguards eye; a human draped in dark clothes and a hooded cloak.  They urge the benefactor forward, quickening his pace.  As they move into the crowd, the draw closer to him, forming a protective barrier.  Zakfir stumbles slightly.  "Watch yourselves fools!".  His anger is obvious.  "Alms for the Church Ulric good sir?" an acolyte states as he presses an ornate box forward.  Zakfir reaches into his cloak, yet his hand finds no purchase.  "Robbed!  I've been robbed!"  The three look around wildly expecting to see someone running through the crowd... there is nothing.

      "I told you that distraction would work." Raegan said grinning and tossing a few coins on the table for their drinks.  "I saw that human from three blocks back.  He's got nothing on me.  Barkeep, an ale for my friend and I!"
      This piece was inspired by one of my wife's characters in our Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay games.  Raegan is a quick, light-hearted dwarf, with light fingers.  I'm not sure how I am going to base this piece.  Other than the base, I started her tonight.  She is a quick paint, using a few new techniques I picked up from some videos floating around out there on the interwebs.  I think she cam out very well for a 2 and half hour paint job.  As a side note, there was no black used in the cloak at all.

      As always, C&C is welcomed and appreciated!
    • By Mocha
      I painted my first "Bailey Silverbell" Reaper miniature in 2012. I painted another version in between projects over the last few months and gave her a Little Red Riding Hood theme. I loved this Reaper mini back then and I still love it now-- only this time I was able to try my hand at a few more techniques I've learned, including some NMM.   If you haven't painted a "then & now" miniature, I hope you try it sometime. It's truly rewarding to see your improvement over the years!


    • By FireElemental
      I painted her up for the Jan'15 Bones Beauty Pageant. Best face I've ever done thanks to Jessica Rich/Dark Sword vids. 

    • By Marvin
      The last of my postings from 2014, Werner Klocke's Bailey Silverbell, Dwarf. A lovely mini, and one I wanted to paint for a while, I finally grabbed her as my wife decided she wanted her to represent her (albeit gnome) rogue in a PF campaign I was running. Unfortunately, the campaign collapsed before she could put the mini into action, but I was nonetheless pleased that my wife loved me enough to let me paint a mini for her. And to play in an RPG. She's pretty good like that.
      Anyway, these pictures are pretty awful; I'm kind of posting just to post. The skill level is obviously not great, but I absolutely could not capture the dark colors I used. Everything's kind of a wash, here. But I did it, so here's it.

      Thanks for looking!
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