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    • By LarsM
      Space Lord Diorama, freely inspired by the cover art from Monster Magnet (rock band) albums.
      I had good help from my dad, who is an amatuer photographer, with the photos.
      I'm really happy with the result, both the photos and the paint.
      All kinds of critiq and comments are appressiated.
      I also posted theese photos in the Diorama Contest.
      Link to WIP thread here: 

    • By EldritchEladrin
      Introducing the newest demon lord in my miniatures collection...
      The Minotaur Demon Lord, aka Baphomet, aka "the Horned King", aka "the Prince of Beasts."

      This miniature was quite a bit bigger than the metal demon lord minis I've painted previously. A bit of a challenge, but I'm pleased with the result!
      If anyone is interested in the play-by-play of me painting this miniature, feel free to check out the work in progress thread on the forum.
    • By EldritchEladrin
      So, this Minotaur fellow has been staring at me in pieces for a while now. I've decided the time has come to get painting, and while I'm at it, make my first ever WIP post. Because in the words of the great Devo:
      "When a demon miniature comes along, you must WIP it!"
      End goal: mini to be used in my D&D campaign. He doesn't need to be display quality, but I'll still welcome your tips and suggestions to improve my work.

      So far I've just put down some brown liner and temporarily stuck it together to make sure everything is on track. Currently mixing up colours for the base coat... More soon!
    • By Lidless Eye
      Wait, D&D doesn't stand for Demons, Demons, and More Demons: The Party's Screwed?
      Two lovely to paint fellows from Bones 2 were finished last night, the Fire Demon/Balor and the Minotaur Demon Lord.
      I tried to do both up to also fit in a Khorne demon army.

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