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Black Inquisition


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"Well, while we're waiting for an answer...." Goz smiles.


He reached for his black goggles in his shirt pocket, then pulled a sonic harmonica afterwards.




"I said a hip hop, a hippie to the hippie, the hip hop you don't stop the party rock.............."


the Sonic harmonic puffed smoke then snap crackled into a haze of electrical fire; Goz dropped it to the floor.


"Cripes! I thought I fixed that!"


"hmmmmm" well he figured he could use the Harmonica to short any acoustic sensor systems, perhaps then we could get into the Mitso Ta factory.


And the exploding Frisbees might help too, once we get inside the perimeter..........


"Ok, hey" Goz begins punching data through a laptop he pulled out of his other coat pocket. "Running a search on all Mitso Ta facilities, lets filter the low level security facilities and concentrate on the tougher nuts to crack."


"Ok, guys, lets pull an inventory of what we have to work with, I got an old buddy who worked TACOPS for the UTDF; Kev, I'll pass along any op order you can come up with once we get some more info."

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