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3d printable STONE GIANTS - sculpted by Medusa Minis 7 days!

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Welcome or Welcome back to our 8th 3d printables Kickstarter, providing high quality sculpts at super affordable prices!  As usual, a £10 goal assures the the Kickstarter will succeed. All of the models are finished and processed in meshmixer for error free meshes. We have four rewards:

  • Stone Giants 3d files (£6)
  • Frost Giants 3d files (£5) for those that missed it last time (it was in the 3d printing category!) 
  • Stone Giants and Frost Giants together (£10) 
  • Stone Giants & Frost Giants and all previous Medusa Miniatures 3d printable Kickstarter files (£30)

Delivery will be simple and easy.  I will email you a direct link to the .zip file and a give you a password for the file. The file will be publicly visible, there will be no need to make any special account, The file will be available for download for 2 months, and after that upon request. This will make downloads hassle free for us all!  If you are in China you will need to use a VPN.

Pledge £5 for the Stone Giants, £10 for stone giants and frost giants or £30 for the Stone Giants, Frost Giants and all previous Medusa Miniatures Kickstarter files.

The Stone Giants Reward

  • Stone Giant (m) warrior with stone bat
  • Stone Giant (m) hurling boulder
  • Stone giant (f) with stone axe
  • Baby sitting stone giant.
  • 3x stalagmites
623606571f35d52a460ebe94369d59af_origina 3d render of stone giant digital files.
432d5626e807833705ff1e4531916427_origina 3d render of Stone Giant digital files
390ec7bbb994beeb26d3d8a753474134_origina 3d render of Stone Giant.
35253250caa736c9f001e98a9001d19a_origina 3d render of Stone Giant.
1c1e020b2ec9c50d9b5d9d757403746c_origina 3d render of Stone Giant baby.

(World's first and only baby stone giant mini???)

66c755476d7053de9b5cbf665d8d5f17_origina 3d render of Stone Giant.
e2130c69ad6db5674e4de49568c9d319_origina 3d render of Stone Giant.
f5fdd0696f8e2827a352a358ec681dd3_origina 3d render of Stone Giant.
239e3d51c526ff08ac8c3034d166f66d_origina 3d render of Stone Giant.

The Frost Giants Reward

  • Frost Giant Berserker with Axe (giant bearskin cloak variant and no cloak variant)
  • Frost Giant Noble Warrior
  • Frost giant daughter
  • Baby Ice Bear sitting.
  • Baby Ice Bear standing
  • Dire wolf  
2f5e7b64640d070fe663835ff41e0652_origina 3d render.
3b7231beb80831b2a5cf0112ecf8a221_origina 3d render.
7c662c816befa42f8247e0f733f03b77_origina 3d render.
7c809fff61e74e6683d2d78ddeebe406_origina 3d render.
9511a0f9797fbf7f68dcbf6c35ff8c3b_origina 3d render.
4cac8c540ccbcc9780491444ada97c81_origina 3d render.
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Hello!  Thanks for backing Gadgetman & thanks for posting this SamuraiJack!  I post all my work in progress on the sculpting forum if anyone ever wants to pop by and have a chat!



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