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Follow status lost - please fix

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It's been going on since one of the last forum updates.

It seems a third party is responsible for this part and Reaper guys like Kit can't do anything about it.

I do hope they can tell the IT party to fix it, I lost a lot of interesting threads this way.

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I think the follow system being broken is a lot bigger an issue than Reaper realizes. The biggest draw for any forum is the ability to follow topics, conversations, or ongoing projects quickly and easily. If you spend any real time on the forum you're bound to find things you want to follow and without this system it's very difficult to keep up.


I know my activity, and thus my engagement in the forum has declined quite a bit since the system stopped working. Checking the forum became one of my daily routines rather quickly after I first joined. Most of the time it was a quick checkin to see if any of the projects I followed had any updates. Honestly it is just a way to engage in the hobby and keep motivations up whenever I wasn't actually painting. The update changed that however, having to search for projects over and over again just took too much time and subsequently I've stopped trying to stay up to date anymore. 

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I'm bringing this  up again.  In the last two weeks I have turned follow status back on for topics that I started and requested notifications from the beginning of the thread, only to have the follow status gone again by the next day.  The show off and  WIP forums move fast with a lot of topics and it's hard to keep up with replies to some of my old stuff and I don't want people to think i'm ignoring them.

I know Kit is super busy all the time, but I'm really hoping he has some time to harass the third party again about this.

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