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Bolt action German

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From an historical standpoint I still prefer chain of command over bolt action. It’s actually base on historical units and then you add support based on the scenario or campaign you are playing. Ultimately you get to paint lots of WWII miniatures and vehicles that you will actually use!

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On 3/21/2020 at 4:57 PM, strawhat said:

And have you seen Rubicon's tanks?


And trucks.


And half-tracks.


Second Rubicon.  Also, they use ABS plastic which has a reputation for not working with many plastic model glues - but I can conclusively report that the ubiquitous and cheap Testors Red tube glue does work.  Works too good, in fact.  My Rubicon StuG had parts mislabelled in the instructions so I glued the early roof on instead of the mid, and by the time I realized the goof I couldn't get it back off.  But Rubicon kits are quite splendid all the same.  I particularly like that they include a lot of options.  Their figure kits are actual 1/56 and not "heroic 28mm" so they look small next to the Warlord ones.  If you invest big into Warlord first (like I did) then it would be best to continue with the larger 28mm gun and infantry teams if you don't want things to look weird.  But, in any case, the Warlord vehicle kits are scaled to 1/56 (particularly the plastic ones), which means Rubicon's vehicle crew figures are appropriately sized for those.  I intend to get some for my M8 Greyhound.  

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