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Brother Jim

Legions of Steel Re-Release

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I wonder if the sculptors for the original Legions of Steel ever got paid? (The company had a bad reputation in that regard.)


The Auld Grump - I would not mind seeing their Inferno game come back.

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  First Second update, but the important one to me says:
Now that we have achieved our target I am happy to announce that all of the figures in the various pledges will be available individually or as sets in the upcoming Pledge Manager. In addition we will have a discounted set of MACHINES and a set of POWERED ARMOUR figures. . Details on these sets to follow. Let me know what other figures you might like added to the Pledge Manager in your comments below.

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All backers who have backed the Core Set or higher will get 1 additional G1 Nightmare with a round base for free. Miniatures supplied unpainted.

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Update #7



All backers who have backed the Core Set or higher will get $3 off any purchase of add-ons in the pledge manager.


For all backers of the PnP pledge or higher we will have the BLUE BOX box art available for box creation as a downloadable PDF. 300mm x 300mm x 100mm

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      Pretty cool stuff, I'm not sure if I'll pledge or not. I have one of their skyships I picked up during one of MMF's holiday sales last year. I should try & print it out sometime.
    • By haldir
      While I don't use oriental stuff that much in my rpgs, I do like Twin Goddess sculpting style.  I'll have to think on this one.
      There are still early bird slots at 25 too.
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      Kingdom of the Rats -
      Some cool stuff, but, honestly. not much that excites me.
      Twenty days to go, but might be fun for people with rat folk armies.
      The Auld Grump
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      Loke BattleMats is running a campaign for their third "Set of 2 spiral-bound Battle Map Books for RPG", after Dungeons and Town and Taverns. 
      Loke has finished shipping their previous KS, and has fulfilled all six of their previous KS. The Wilderness Battle Map Books follow the same format as their previous two. 
      Loke BattleMats will also have digital maps for VTT at a low price, including freebies.
      Previous SG's included free vinyl cling sets (reusable stickers) and Little Book (supplementary maps).
      I have a review of their Town and Taverns Battle Map Books on RPG.net, as well as some other of their maps, Dungeon Little Book, and vinyl clings. 
      Notification link : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gamingbooks/the-wilderness-books-of-modular-maps-for-tabletop-roleplay


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