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14 hours ago, Russell said:

Imagine buying one each of these models on eBay and receiving them without any instructions sheet at all.  I didn't expect the construction guide but neither did I expect them to be a complex and fiddly as they are.


I've only built two battle pods, a Veritech Fighter, and a Guardian.  ...and that's where I'm stopping.

I can only imagine, even with instructions I still haven't figured out how some things are "supposed" to go together. When it comes to the Guardian mode arms I'm pretty sure I still haven't gotten one "right" yet. 


14 hours ago, Russell said:

Enjoyed reading through this.  It felt like a shared experience.

Thanks that was kind of the idea. I think a lot of people (myself included) bought sets after seeing others frustratedly try to build them. We just had to see for ourselves, instead of trusting a stranger on the internet. 


I've officially finished the Guardian mode Veritechs. Not exactly difficult but it was frustrating. When you have two piece arms that have to be arranged just so to "properly" hold the gun frustration comes quick and early.20200411_223733.thumb.jpg.7cb4c5b160f58856515a06035ca22d0d.jpg

As you can see I finally just gave up on the arms and decided to have some fun with them instead. If they ever show up on the table as a proxy or in a futuristic RPG they'll probably get some laughs, but at least they're assembled. 


I even managed to build a single Battloid tonight, which means yet another box milestone. I'm now down to only two sprues or three more Battloids to go.


Really couldn't figure out what to do with the bent leg, so I went for the old Sam Raimi Spiderman jump. Honestly the leg doesn't really fit any other way, between the leg's fin and the back I'm at a loss. 20200411_230336.thumb.jpg.4eff044ecd41b16fbb504f32745fdb4d.jpg

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Forgot the side view picture of the leg.
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1 hour ago, Jasper_the_2nd said:

According to the instructions I have, you got the bent leg pretty much right!

You mean they intentionally supplied people with a bent leg that only looks good in the Sam Raimi Spiderman jump? That just made my day.

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Got a little time this evening to work and assembly is now complete. 20200412_203146.thumb.jpg.be4a37b3f03bee24e81d4cbb10ab9b70.jpg

Yet again I decided to just kinda have fun with my poses, especially the flying one. In my defense though I've certainly seen similar poses made during the anime's fight scenes. 


The box even came with enough parts to make a sixth Battloid. It just needed a base, so I decided to go with a 25mm. 


As Sir Forscale shows the figure may be tall but I think it fits well enough on the standard base. This one will most likely be used as a mook in some RPG system anyway so 25mm seemed the right way to go.


As for leftover bits this box has a ton. 


Its mostly Veritech heads and optional weapons but that's not all, I've got a ton of extra flight stands and arms too. I never throw out bits but for the moment I have no idea what I'll do with it all. The plan for now is to store it away, probably forget about it, rediscover it at some point, and then try to figure out a project for them.


I also went ahead and based a few pieces. The others will be left on blank bases, but I've got plans for these four. The first three will all recieve Rick Hunter's color scheme...eventually, and the other will get a generic paint scheme for random tabletop use. 20200412_204218.thumb.jpg.ed607ec5a0c1ee44f5c4ddf6cdbfa01d.jpg


And if that wasn't enough for one night I went ahead and prepped everything to be primed as well. 


The additional pieces are from another project, I just couldn't resist throwing them on. 

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10 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

Impressive horde!

Thanks, but the real task will be painting them. With my backlog at the moment these will get primed, stored, and most likely forgotten about. I could be wrong however but at this point I think we've all seen how well I stick to hobby/project plans. 

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45 minutes ago, Rat13 said:

Thanks, but the real task will be painting them. With my backlog at the moment these will get primed, stored, and most likely forgotten about. I could be wrong however but at this point I think we've all seen how well I stick to hobby/project plans. 


Oh don't worry about such things!


Oldest Vixen's reaction to my acquisiton of a 3D resin printer: So, you've painted all the minis you had?

No dessert for her!

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On 4/13/2020 at 2:28 PM, Rat13 said:

Thanks, but the real task will be painting them. With my backlog at the moment these will get primed, stored, and most likely forgotten about. I could be wrong however but at this point I think we've all seen how well I stick to hobby/project plans. 

Surprise, surprise I've finally gotten back to this project. When I opened my project tote looking for what to work on next this one was right on the top. Though it's not on my to do list I thought it was time.


It's hard to decide just where to pick back up with a project like this but as I've had these figures for a few years I have plenty of ideas. Remembering a meme I had stumbled across and saved for this project I knew exactly where I was going to start. 


A Boba Fett battloid, the perfect starting point to reignite this project.


It painted up surprisingly quick. This made for an easy win while also helping me learn the model. 


Knowing I wanted to paint up all the heroes I wanted to start with one of the easier schemes. So Ben Dixon seemed like the best choice.


It is still pretty rough but it is coming along. It just feels so great to finally start painting these figures.

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On 3/5/2022 at 12:47 PM, Standifer said:

Love the boba tech one 😂

Thanks, I'm really happy with how it turned out. It was probably a mistake to start with it though as it was too easy and didn't show me just how much work will go in to all the other miniatures. 


I took a couple days to gather my thoughts about how to tackle this project. At first I thought I could basecoat, hit everything with a wash, and then just repaint the white sections. 20220307_212706.thumb.jpg.6367fd29106615091da31d3959432520.jpg20220307_212712.thumb.jpg.fffe3c3dcfb70a1c4d17d795bac7348a.jpg20220307_212730.thumb.jpg.18016e53b03bc21d1b3023731d1ffa22.jpg

After hitting everything with a wash this seemed like a good idea.


Coming back to redo that white however showed me otherwise. In the end everything just ended up looking chalky and odd to say the least.


For now it's back to the drawing board but I do have a few ideas kicking around. I think I've got a bit of experimentation ahead of me to figure out "my" perfect way of painting these. 

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While I'm experimenting I didn't want the project to completely stall so I had to pivot. Shelving the Veritechs and even the Battlepods for now I instead started work on the unique ships that don't have a ton of white. First up is the Recovery Pod which recieved its complete basecoat and details. 


Looking so nice and crisp I debated on using a wash on it as it looked pretty good. So before I did anything I grabbed some pictures.



Post wash I'm not sure if I made the right call or not. It certainly looks more used/broken in but I think I'll need to sleep on this one and come back with fresh eyes.

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45 minutes ago, Standifer said:

Looks good! The one with the wash looks a bit better I think.

just my two cents

Looking at it with fresh eyes I have to agree. In some places the detail on these models is amazing but in others it's just too muddled. A dark wash helped quite a bit in balancing the model. They're also spaceships/fighters so if they're too clean they don't look out of place in a heated dogfight.


Liking the way the Recovery Pod looked post wash I simply painted the base and flight stand before putting it aside.20220309_220650.thumb.jpg.3d09afe323a091dbcb014f9866c214ec.jpg


Moving on to the Officer's Pod I was able to basecoat it pretty quickly. I had hoped to get it farther along but with an early day tomorrow I decided to cut tonight's session short. 


After painting that grey however I'm seriously considering switching to it instead of white for the Veritechs. The grey applies so much better and having used the color before I know it takes a dark wash very well too.

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Getting back to it tonight I went ahead and finished up the Officer Pod's details. This really only amounted to a few dots and stripes of black paint. With that out of the way I went ahead and coated it with a dark wash. 


It'll need a bit of cleanup in places and some final details but this one is pretty close to finished now.



Not wanting to lose momentum while I waited for things to dry I started painting the Defenders. They painted up very quickly as they're basically one color with black details. Apparently decals do a lot of the heavy lifting on this model as the only additional painted color is a small green stripe. Since they painted up so quickly I went ahead and applied a wash to them as well.


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Got a bit of painting in last night but forgot to actually post an update. Starting off I tried cleaning up the Defenders a little but just like the Veritechs it was making them look a bit chalky. Rather than fight anymore I figured I'd just leave them as is. 



Moving to the next set I only meant to basecoat them. These two however took their basecoat better than anything else so far. I'm really starting to suspect the primer I used for this box was bad. Since the basecoat applied so well I wanted to see how they took their details and wash. 


Not bad but the real question is how they'll take to cleanup. 

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