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Started the session painting bases with the kid. Not exactly the most interesting thing to paint but just as I readied to move on to other figures she found something else to do. Losing my helper I went back and redid all those cockpits. Surprisingly it didn't take very long either and I've got to admit they do look better.20220904_190604.thumb.jpg.ff07f67dcf61bbc8ab8368cb7af84960.jpg

I also added the red dot on their rifles which I'd also forgotten to paint.


Moving on to Rick's battloid I almost finished it. The base was still wet when I stopped for the night though so I wasn't able to add the wash. 



While waiting for things to dry the other configurations received their white basecoat. The guardian also got most of it's black basecoat as well. 


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The Veritechs are almost done. The battloid's base recieved it's highlight, so all it needs is a bit of flocking once everything has been sealed.20220906_224252.thumb.jpg.933f530f944ddf684ca09de55f8574bd.jpg20220906_224300.thumb.jpg.22f331b8cda1973a407a8c07c6deb505.jpg

I just noticed how much this figure is leaning as I proofread this post, looks like its about to fall over.


As for the guardian and traditional fighter they just need their cockpits finished and a base highlight. 



While I'm still debating on if I'm going to apply the transfers or not I went ahead and rewashed Ben Dixon's battloid "fixing" that failed attempt to give the miniatures a cleaner paintjob.


Though I've seen clean paintjobs of these figures that look amazing that's just not who I am. Add to that the amount of fighting I had just to get them painted I think my "dirty" look is more than serviceable, besides from the table they don't look too bad.


With a bit of excess white on my pallette I also started basecoating a couple of Zentraedi battlepods. 



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Went ahead and finished the last two configurations tonight.20220907_222449.thumb.jpg.8d0faf76407b4358a9faa4eb5a9f6a75.jpg


As I knew that wouldn't take long I had planned to begin adding some transfers to the "completed" models. After roughly a half hour of fiddling with a few however I've decided not to bother. The majority of the transfers are practically microscopic and don't add all that much to the models. Though I'd like the Veritechs to have their markings (especially Roy Fokker's skull and crossbones) its just not worth it. In the end everything is just too small and adds too little to justify all the additional work (and it would definitely be unenjoyable work).

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Tonight's session has shown me just how close I've been to finishing this whole time. Moving on to the regular Zentraedi battlepods I saw no benefit to painting them individually, so it's back to batch painting once again. In just one session I was able to slop paint three complete pods and their bases.20220908_222604.thumb.jpg.24364ac6a6e471754a22e73d74dd4cfc.jpg20220908_222617.thumb.jpg.44275e2d00aedf4579558f1103e9a3eb.jpg

They're not showstoppers by any means but I already know just how many sins a black wash will hide with these models. If I can keep working at this pace I'll be finished painting in about three days, with a fourth dedicated to sealing and flocking. So this project sat on my desk for months almost finished, I'm going to attempt not to think about that.

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To call tonight's progress anything other than great would be an understatement. Starting off I applied a wash to the first three pods.20220909_234537.thumb.jpg.8caefe57251dc2682b6d014a81ebe226.jpg


I then went ahead and finished three more minus their bases.



Getting into a real groove by that point and truly understanding the models (basically figuring out all the shortcuts and spots where neatness doesn't matter) I basecoated the remaining five pods minus their black areas.


Looks like last night's prediction was a little off.

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Finished the bases that were leftover pretty quickly before spending the rest of the evening sealing everything.20220911_224528.thumb.jpg.d168bcab393c9dde561b1b74903d4965.jpg

These big batch seals are quite satisfying but a whole session of just sealing is tedious. I'll probably keep doing it though as it's a nice way to finish a project.

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Got a bit of free time today so I went ahead and removed everything from their painting bases. That ended up going much quicker than I expected so I also went ahead and flocked the bases that needed it. Then to finish it all off I grabbed the final pictures of everything.


Starting with the Zentraedi. 20220912_131229.thumb.jpg.0488cf1910cf6640f1bb4c59124ed710.jpg20220912_131308.thumb.jpg.0aee15582f51a5fc7e9648d87ae45e89.jpg












The Robotech force.





Ben Dixon's configurations. 



Max Sterling's configurations. 



Miriya Sterling's configurations. 



Roy Fokker's configurations. 



Rick Hunter's configurations. 



Last but not least the Boba Fett battloid. 


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