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Newbie trapped inside like everyone else

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Hello all, I'm stuck at home the next couple of months like the rest of the world and thought I'd finally try again after my only failed attempt at painting minis thirty-five years ago.  I got one of

This is my set up. It’s on an old kitchen table in the basement.    Though this is what it usually looks like.   

Nice pile of supplies!  Look forward to seeing the results of your efforts in Show Off.    I'm not trapped inside, and my paint station looks like this:     If I paint an

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Looks like you did a nice job!


Yeah, Reapers’ painting tutorial kits are pretty cool (To be sure, given where you are people are likely to say that, aren’t we ...)


Good luck with the next one! I hope you have an enjoyable time with the hobby.

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Welcome to the Forum!


Good start, the skellie looks very nice!


Start a WIP thread for the next mini and people will give advice when you want it, cheer you on etc.

I also recommend watching some youtube vids on the subject of painting fantasy miniatures and look around here to see what people do.


Most important, HAVE FUN!

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I guess there's nothing for you but to buy the Layer Up kit also(big hint; the kits are made up so that together they're pretty much a complete beginner's paintkit with a decent selection of paints.)   


There's a 'Welcome' thread in the off-topic section you may want to read. Lots of fun stuff. 


If you decide to continue, you may want to check the Bones 5 Pledge Manager. 


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You definitely have one of the best looking mini holders out there! As someone who started a couple years ago on the LTPK as well, just set your own goals, don’t judge your paint jobs compared to others (there are some fantastic artists in here) Most importantly, have fun. Paint the way you want to paint, challenge yourself in your own way on your own timeline. 

Welcome to the most supportive forum I’ve ever seen

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Nice pile of supplies!  Look forward to seeing the results of your efforts in Show Off. 


I'm not trapped inside, and my paint station looks like this:




If I paint anything, it will be this:





But really, right now I am busy with this:



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      I decided to do the Mystic Circle so I could do all kinds of occult and folk horror scenarios.
      Currently "cooking" in the utility sink. The base parts were pretty warped. I may glue them to some foamcore for a little extra stability, but mostly traced, because I need to keep them " modular" for storage (the arches, I think they still qualify as dolmens, but I forget, will get pulled on and off. Unless it really doesn't work ).

      This will likely be an all June project, because I had an unexpected computer death and porch reno and need to deal with that.
    • By Iridil
      Some quick paints for the table. The pirate is a good demonstration of why I don't try sculpting - in addition he had a lot of casting problems in his legs and feet, so.... he will do but I kind of cringe. The shroud was a very quick paint - I cut the hands off, because it seemed more creepy that way

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      More from May - the cultist pair 77518. I also added in my other recently painted pair (77351) with cirlce and I think they make a nice grouping. 

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      My first time painting a chibi figure.  Probably not the last.  Painting this made me feel happy.


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      My 3 year old had been exploring my basement paintbstation and fallen in love with the "elephant. " Yesterday I glued and primed it for painting. About 60% got covered in rainbow splotches of  craft paint
      before child abandoned the project to play with recently varnished terrain.

      I smoothed out all the blobs of paint to vaguely cover everything in a greenish/pinkish/brownish grey.

      We may paint more, or else I'll paint some eyes and seal it.
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