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Purchasing Paints from the Store

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If I were to purchase the entire paint line of MSP paints (the $659 option), which paints would NOT be included in that purchase?


Same question if I were to purchase all of the triads. Which paints would be left over?


I'm basically wanting to avoid duplicity, and the best method of purchasing the paints. I want to start with the triads, but I'm not sure which of those would be duplicated upon purchasing the $659 option. Thanks.

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The description of the item says you get all paints from 09001 to 09270. If you go to this page and look, you can scroll down to 09270 and see the numbers and colours of the paints that have been released since that set was put together. So it includes all the triad paints listed on that page up to and including 09720.


So that set does not include these paints:

* All numbers higher than 09270 (currently 09324 is the highest MSP core SKU number.)


* Any of the Bones paints (SKUs 094**)


* Any special edition paints. (SKUs 096**, there are a few currently available at the bottom of the page linked above.) These are paints created for a special event or in a limited batch or available seasonally which are not available all the time.


* Any paints that have been discontinued in years past. (If you look through the number scheme for the MSP Core paints on that page, you'll see there are places where it skips numbers, those are paints that are sadly no longer with us. ;->)

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23 minutes ago, Highlander said:

If I had to do it all over again, I'd purchase the entire core set.  I would have saved me money and lots of time.


I started mass-buying Reaper paint when they first started their monthly promotions.  I think that was at the start of their 25th Anniversary year.  I would buy $40 of paint each month until I had a bottle of every SKU.


If it wasn't for the promotion, I would probably bought them in the pre-packaged sets.

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On 3/23/2020 at 1:06 PM, VarlBlackgem said:

Thank you Wren! Exactly the info I needed. Now, to wait for the core set to restock. :-)

Good luck to you.  I heard on this morning's Twitch stream that Reaper is on skeleton crew right now.  You might send them an email to let them know you're interested in a set?  Customer info is: [email protected] .

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