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Brag Ironballs Conversion 02376


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Same mini, 15 years apart. Old on the left, new on the right...Boy, I sure hope that's obvious!


This is Brag Ironballs, converted into my in-game avatar, Wulfgard of Bludwyne*. Some of the differences are pretty subtle, and I don't have a ton of variety in my technique in 2020 versus 2005 or so, but I do like to think I've learned patience and a little brush control - and also to A - use better paints and B - thin those paints before painting!


* The character is actually much, much older than the mini. A friend in high school (think like 1993 or so) invited me over to play D&D, and I figured it was a ridiculous one-off...I gave him a silly heavy-metal umlaut-ridden name. Years later, I reinvigorated the same character for 3rd edition, but he died prematurely. I've since made him sort of a multiversal figure who pops up in all my gaming worlds in one way or another. In all realities, a Wulfgard - sometimes he dies at level 1, sometimes he's an epic-level hero of yore.

Wulfgard Before and After.jpg

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