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YET ANOTHER Year of The Goblin...possibly

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AND it looks like it may very well be YET ANOTHER Year of The Goblin...or not. Today I have the G.W. Loon Boss' base just about done & Leo got a touch up & stripey pants:    

The first of the Admirers are done:   Motivation/enthusiasm is hard to come by lately.  

One more Mushroom is now ready to be based:     Seen here with the other two Weekend Mushrooms for a size comparison:   Enjoy the evening!  

Posted Images

I got inspired to try a variation on a Pinterest Mushroom:



I did the dolly a couple days ago. Seen here between another new Mushroom & a Reaper Efreeti:



Last night & today I started the Green Stuff work:




It looks to have some potential.

Have a good night!

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5 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Yes, that's a great interpretation of the pinterest one.

I like it, it screams for a colourful paintjob.


...the colorful/garish paint job is a given with moi.

I am glad you like it thus far, Glitter!

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