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Water Slide Transfer text for Books, parchments etc

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Project image for Forgotten Chapters - Purity Seals and Parchment Transfers
My name is Bruno and I recently decided to use my (few) graphic skills to design my own waterslide transfers, as I could not manage to get the details on my miniatures right. Especially the parchment, scrolls and purity seals never quite looked as good as I wanted. After sharing some of my work on Reddit and Instagram, I discovered many more miniature hobbyist had this same issue, which lead me to this kickstarter! Besides sharing my own designs, these transfers will be screen printed by industry leading professionals to the highest quality possible. 
eaddd720383ff17c4fa31636764fcadb_origina The first sheet
The finished product will be an A5 (210x148 mm) transfer sheet printed in 3 colors: White, Black and Red. The sheet will have hundreds of different designs to give you the most flexibility possible when personalising your mini's. I will regularly add new designs to the sheet, taking into account the backers feedback, until the sheet is full. 

Now while this seems geared to Warhammer 40K at first glance there is going to be a lot that's of more general interest, how many minis have you got with open books, parchments etc that just don't look great when you try and do it yourself?


seems well worth a go, and not bad price wise (if you've ever tried to make your own waterslide stuff)

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I already have some from a different manufacturer, but can't have too many of these.    


I would have preferred that the Warhammy stuff be on separate sheets, but... 

(Not at all interested in that)


What about adding a map or two? 

Both pirate type 'X marks the spot' and more fantasy 'here be dragons' maps.



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Backers should have got a KS message with the option to register to swap sheet 1 & 2 with another backer if they prefer to only have one type (printing means the company will be getting equal amounts of both so they can't just let you do it freely)


also access to a webstore where you can order a few alternate transfer sheets as add ons (Warhammer space marine squad stuff for the most part, nothing I want but if you backed worth checking just to make sure there's nothing you want)


looking forward to this

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Unfortunately problems with the designs submitted to the printer as GW is claiming some as IP so the printer(s) won't go ahead,

He doesn't want to get involved with a legal fight with GW (hardly surprising) so he's looking at either redoing whatever they have a problem with (not specified but i'd guess either god or legion specific stuff?) or seeing if he can refund and cancel the project

I hope he can just redesign whatever is the issue since I don't need this to be 40K specific and have posted as much in the latest update,

if you agree (or if you prefer a refund) please let him know so he can make the best decision possible

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