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Darcstaar vs. Bones 1, Episode 6: Devona

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Since I’m wrapping up Deladrin, here is the next in the queue.  Devona, Female Wizard.  She’s a curious wizard with plate mail leggings, a chain mail skirt, and a staff that looks more like a spear.  Also, is her torso adorned with a breastplate?  Or is it part of her dress?  And what’s up with the scalloped things on her back?


Not sure what I’m going to do with her.  I hope you enjoy the process of discovery tagging along with me.  The one thing I have decided is to try to give her more of an East Indian skin tone.





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Nut Brown as a skin shadow color.



Linen White sclera, Nut Brown Pupil/Iris.


Her eyes are too small to try colored iris, glint, etc.

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1:1 Ruddy Flesh:Driftwood Brown.


Kind of yellow, but this non-Caucasian attempt is definitely outside my wheelhouse.  Gonna keep it.


Built up raised areas more.  1:2 Ruddy Flesh:Driftwood Brown.

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Mixed in some Linen White, and thinned the mix down a lot.


Another measure of Linen White.  This mix is in very small spaces on the head, breasts, collarbones, and shoulders.

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This is 3 layers so far:

Carbon Black

Carbon Black:Shadowed Stone

Then Shadowed Stone:Stone Grey


Why?  Why do you hate me, black hair?




Stone Grey:Solid White 1:1

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Glints of Solid White.


Calling hair done...for now.  Likely will need touch up after the hair net.  Gonna be on hiatus for about 10 days.  Be safe everyone.

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Lovely skin colour!! Going to try out the colours you've used for some skin at some point in the future, I enjoy having variations of skin colour in armies and warbands. Looking forward to more progress!

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