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Lord of the Dish Pit

Against Old Night: Witch Hunters of Diverse Assortment

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Normally this time of year, I'd be returning to the eternal project that is the Coffee Dwarves, but this be not a usual year. Hence, the time has come for my Witch Hunters to gain their own thread. While I love me some undead, I also have a soft spot for those who dedicate themselves to fighting such unholy menaces, likely due to movies like the Monster Squad being formulative youthful influences. 


The warband/army thus far. Or at least the part dating up to about 1920 or so.





The other, more modern segment is what I like to call the Angry Catholic faction.


A humble beginning thus far, but it gives me an excuse to eventually collect an army of battle nuns that aren't affiliated with 40k. 




War Monks on Motorcycles. It doesn't get much more badelf than that. One of the upcoming units is a nun fast attack vehicle, since apparently in the world of the unhinged, common church tactics include road warfare. 


And the reinforcements for both factions that have been waiting on the Shelf of Incompleteness for far far too long. So now that I've got the table set up where the sun can't interrupt me, and the urge to paint has returned, no excuse not to try and get a few more of these done.  The two up front, Elyse Anya, and a 40k sanctioned psycher are almost finished, Anya just needs basing. Which is another thing that I noticed when I was setting up for the photos, my basing is all over the place with these guys, so there may be a bit of reworking going on as well. 



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As a fan of Undead I also love the opposition.

I also like that you will paint them through the ages so to speak.

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As the baying of the Lawn Beast (neighbor's massive yet friendly dog) echos through the wee hours, warning all and sundry of various nefarious creatures possibly being afoot, I return to the painting table...


The psyker aka Techno Bishop is done except for basing, so I figured I'd work on the other two that came with him in a GW Inquisitorial Henchmen blister. The chainsaw preacher has been based in Pavement Gray craft paint, as I'm going for more of a faded look to his robes, the scribe got some Brown Wash over his base of Harvest Brown.


After a thinned down Bronzed Skin highlight. 


Same for the chainsaw preacher. The expressions of these guys are perfect, disdain and frothing rage.

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Everyone's faces are pretty much done. But to focus on the current group...


Used a highlight of 50/50 Bronzed Skin/Bronzed Highlight. Also put down a base of Rainy Gray where white is going to be.


Chainsaw preacher's beard and eyebrows, are Blonde Shadow with a 50/50 Blonde Shadow/Blonde hair mix, and the inside of his mouth got a 50/50 Fresh Blood/BCA Pink mix and teeth were picked out with Dirty Bone. 

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The priest in the top pic isn't the brightest fellow in the group is he?

Wonderful facial expression.

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6 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

The priest in the top pic isn't the brightest fellow in the group is he?

Wonderful facial expression.

The wires bolted into the back of his head may have something to do with that. I imagine he's also confused as to why instead of records of known heretics, he's getting downloads of credit cards receipts showing large purchases of toilet paper and the addresses connected to them...

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After viewing Season of the Witch and Black Death (2010), the inspiration bar has refilled.


GW Hasut Copper on the scroll parts, Cursed Gold on the icons and head wires, True Silver on the linkage and icons, and Shadowed Steel on the main metal parts. Highlight of Pavement Gray on the main wires and shoes, base of Shadowed Stone on the bag and clipboard, with a highlight of Stone Gray. Based the parchment in Dirty Bone.


Chainsaw Preacher also received some attention.


Dirty Bone on the scroll, Shadowed Steel on the main housing of the chainsaw, Shadowed Stone and Stone Gray on the shoes and on his belt bag.


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I seem to have gotten my Rainy Grey confused for True Silver, so I fixed that and got some P3 Armor Wash down.


Used a watered down Sepia Liner as a wash on the scroll on purity seals.


Chainsaw Preacher had the rest of his chainsaw based in Honed Steel, and his flask in True Silver before being hit with the washes.



Since I had a lot of metallics and washes left, I slathered some on some of the others in line.


A 40k Imperial Preacher.


Grace, Holy Assassin. When I put the white undercoat down on her a while ago, I seem to have used too thick of a mixture, so I'm lowering what expectations I have regarding how her face will turn out. I've been basing her in using leftover colors, and have found her torso to be somewhat confusing as to what is what. So other than picking out the details on Oswald the Overladen, I'm expecting her to be the main time sink of the group.


But face aside, I'm reasonably sure I can get the rest of her to an acceptable level.

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The scribe is done except for basing.


And the Chainsaw Preacher got a Rainy Grey/Linen White mix over the top of his robe, cuffs, and front purity seal. The chainsaw teeth were picked out in Pure Black.



So now it's just a matter of his robe and a few details. I'm quite pleased with how the freehand on both of them came out. 

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    • By Lord of the Dish Pit
      I picked these guys up in 2003, along with the Daemonhunters codex, thinking about building an Inquisition army for 40k. That never happened, so they got drafted into my small collection of witch hunters, and now they serve a different Inquisition.

      In the field, searching for heretics or hand sanitizer hoards...

      A clearer view of the group.

      According to the Codex, this fellow is a Mystic, I promoted him to Techno-Bishop. Currently the leader of the Angry Catholic faction.

      Here is the Sage/Scribe, looking none too happy about having to leave his office and quite upset over how much of the budget is getting spent on ingredients for the chainsaw's fuel/oil mix...

      And here's the Hierophant/Chainsaw Preacher. Probably the happiest of the group, as he is out and about applying his chainsaw to whatever problems he encounters....

      Gave a nice blue tint to his flask, to suggest holy water, possibly added to the chainsaw's fuel mix so as to increase it's effectiveness against the undead...
    • By Lord of the Dish Pit
      And chasing the Witch from my previous post are these guys...

      Other than a few highlight touchups, and basing these guys were mostly completed during last years Thanksgiving Challenge, so finishing them for this years seemed appropriate. 

      Jacob Knockengard, looking like he could use a drink and a warm meal after smiting a vampire.

      The face of a man who has earned a sandwich.

      Abraham Van Helsing, proving that in the 1800s medical professionals were known also for their elf kicking ways. (see also Doc Holiday)

      GW Talisman Witch Hunter, one of my favorite sculpts that is pure Solomon Kane. Like with most of my Witch Hunters I tried to keep his clothing in the traditional Pilgrim/Puritan colors of the 1600s.

      GW Johann Van Hal, looking well prepared to encourage the foul minions of Old Night to get off his lawn.

      Like with the previous Witch Hunter, I used White on his cross as a reference to the Teutonic Knights.

      Wilhelm Hasburg. Like Johan he was a Dogs of War character for Warhammer several editions ago. 

    • By Lord of the Dish Pit
      In the spirit of the holiday, some angry Pilgrims...

      Turkey Spirits beware...

      With the headband and knife I figured this guy was Rambo's ancestor. (Rambo 7, the prequel: Pilgrims vs Werewolves, coming soon...)

      An active senior interested in doing his part for the common good.

      A local youth looking to earn the right to grow a beard by fulfilling the community service requirement.

      When you're only paid per heretic hung, you're probably going to be somewhat proactive in your duties. What a work ethic!
    • By Lord of the Dish Pit
      Even as the forces of Old Night remain on the painting table, stalwart souls rise up to receive paint and do battle against them. Also there are mice. A lot of mice, who have been very patiently waiting on the table for almost a year now to be completed. Seeing as how the Thanksgiving season has room for festive rodents alongside bad*** gun slinging pilgrims of faith and fury, this month's WIP will be dedicated to both.

      The Witch Hunter Captain is a Mordheim mini that I started 14 years ago. (I feel old now) He's mostly completed and it's interesting to look at him and see just how far I'd gotten skill wise and compare my best work of then to my work now. I've levelled up a bit, but what I was able to accomplish with the GW paint pots which I'd never mastered the art of mixing colors with, rather suprised me.
      The mice to the front left are two of the three Thanksgiving Mouslings and the only actual Thanksgiving minis I have. The Pilgrim Mouse I did manage to get done last November as well as a few from the Mousling Tavern set. The others will be in the first batch not only because they have been very patient with me, but because they're also almost done and I've already squandered a bit of time this month getting my sleep schedule sorted out. 
    • By Lord of the Dish Pit
      A terrain piece from the Warhammer Battle of Skull Pass Box set.

      The coffee mug is from a Marx toy factory dollhouse set, attached with sewing thread.

      The center shield bears a freehanded icon of the Mug Guard.
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