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Against Old Night: Witch Hunters of Diverse Assortment

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48 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

Converting the heretics by chainsaw.

Drastic tactic!

Of all the figures that came in the blister, I figure the Chainsaw Preacher is probably the only one who on some level is not unhappy with his choices in life. Beneath the frothing rage, he's likely content that unlike the others, he isn't stuck behind a desk, he's out and about among the flock solving problems in a manner that doesn't require him to think too much...

And here he is, awaiting basing.


Thinned down coat of Stormy Grey, then a 50/50 mix with Cloudy Grey for the highlights on the robe, later doused with a mix of Black Wash and Flow Improver.

I dabbed in spots of Highlight Orange onto the housing of the chainsaw, giving it a well used look, before it too got the Black Wash mix. As did everything save the scroll, skin, hair, and flask as I had quite a bit of it and was looking to tone the whites down somewhat.


Beyond my camera's attempts to hide it with the flash, the flask has gotten a Copper Verdigris tint, and the chain about his neck is Honed Steel/Armor Wash.

Since I had a bunch of paint left over, I fiddled some more with Grace's sword.


Eventually through repeated coats of Honed Steel, Black Wash, and Copper Verdigris tint, I got the blade to a nice aged look, with just a hint of blue to it. 


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Up next are...


Friar Stone. I put down a 50/50 mix of Ebony Flesh/Dark Highlights over his base coat. It shows up better in the picture than it does in reality. Igor's pants received the same. 


This guy came as part of a Grenadier monster assortment, alongside a werewolf and fish man. While he may have Igor'd for the undead in the past, he's been drafted in the role of "surly not quite trustworthy guide to local morgues and cemeteries". I find his intent and creepy expression a nice counterpoint to Friar Stone's aura of inebriated goodwill. 

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The upper part of Friar Stone's habit was highlighted again with a Dark Highlights/Leather Brown mix then once again with Ginger Cookie added in. Adds a subtle difference. Some Vallejo Intermediate Green and Golden Glow on the front patches.


One bag is Pine Green, the next Orange Brown, then Altorf Guard Blue. Another Intermediate Green patch and a Mephiston Red as well.


Leftover yellow and orange applied to Igor's lantern.

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Like my Undead project, I had some scenery put aside for these guys.


For the traditional witch hunters, I found a Christmas village church to serve as their chapterhouse.


And the Angry Catholics have one of their own as well.


I started with a base coat of Pavement Gray to tie all the stonework together, and Blue/Grey Mist on the eventual white stone.


After that I based the roof in Black.



The tower top will be getting the same treatment, and the snow piles will be based in brown and eventually covered in leaves. I'm not all that confident when it comes to trying to file them out, nor do I wish to be breathing plaster, so leaf cover seems a simple enough solution. 

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Got the tower caught up with the rest. Running into a problem where simple handling is rubbing paint from the corners, so put it aside to dry, then later I'll give it a quick hit with the matte sealer, see if that helps.


Gave Igor some Autumn Shadow hair and got the black based in on his lantern and boots, and having some Autumn Shadow left over, applied it to the Imperial Preacher...



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Igor is pretty much done now, so back to Friar Stone...


Black Wash over his patches, bags and belt, highlight on belt and book pouch with Pavement Gray. Also hit the dirt part of his base with Agrax Earthshade.


Next I drybrushed the War Dog with Cloudy and Rainy Grey, then with a bit of Linen White.



His armor gets in the way of the white patch on his chest, but the idea is there at least.

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Despite the fact that my painting desk has been waylaid by a couple of hobbits, I've been steadily puttering away...


Got Oswald's shirt done with a layer of Linen White and still plucking away at the details.



Taken bit by bit and over time, he's not been the headache I feared he would be.


Played around a bit with the Rosy Flesh triad, and put down another layer of Dragon Red on her cloak. 


Brought the Undertaker back from the Desk of Incompleteness, hopefully his ax stays attached this time.


The Dreadmere Ranger was a pain in the elf to get his torch arm pinned on. The Iconic Duskwarden's hand was quite a bit easier, no pinning required. Hopefully it stays that way.


Already put down some Rosy Flesh and Flesh Wash on Damaris, as well as Blond Shadow on her hair. My first time painting Bones Black and admittedly it felt a little odd not to have to use the Sepia Wash first, but it seems to be going well thus far. Next to her is the Dreadmere Sheriff Drumfasser and the Iconic Duskwarden's faithful beast. 

The War Dog and Igor just need flock on their bases, and Friar Stone a few more details.

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Now that Friar Stone and friends have reached Show Off, time to get moving on the rest. Also the Famine Horseman is a challenge best undertaken in small doses. The Nun Assassin and 40k Preacher need blending work I'm not sure I have the patience left for, so I skipped ahead to this guy who needed base colors...


I forgot entirely just what my planned color scheme was for the converted undertaker, so went with browns and greys. Russet Brown on the coat, Shadowed Stone on the inner robe, Pavement Grey on the boots, gloves, and hat. The lantern flame is a base of Highlight Orange with a Highlight Orange/Golden Glow mix dabbed atop it, then a Highlight Orange wash. Went over the metal bits and the ax with Pure Black. Base is the usual Steel Legion Drab.



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Despite it being a large part of my usual palette, there are still times painting black can be frustrating.



I wasn't too happy with how these turned out, so I put them aside for awhile.


Normally I thin down the black wash a bit, this time I skipped that step, and perhaps went too far in the opposite direction...


Oswald, however came out a bit better...



As did the former undertaker.


Also started blocking in Damris's clothing.

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Now that the patience bar has refilled, back to the desk...


The former undertaker received a 50/50 Russet Brown/Harvest Brown mix on his coat, Cursed Gold on his lantern and buckles, Red Gore/Fresh Blood on his sash, Honed Steel on the ax edges, and a Pavement Grey/Pure Black mix over his gloves, boots and hat and Cloudy Grey on his robes. A few washes, touch ups and basing and he'll be done.


I'm much happier with the Black/Pavement Grey mix on these. Having a bit left over...



Slathered some on Oswald and Damaris. Now to find where I put my recipe for Witch Hunter shirts, as Oswald looks a little too clean cut and I need it for Damaris as well. 


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