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Against Old Night: Witch Hunters of Diverse Assortment

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Made some more progress on Grace, Vallejo Luftwaffe Uniform on her boots and corset, Pavement Grey on her rifle, and blended her inner cloak from Dragon Red to Red Gore to Fresh Blood. Same with her inner shirt. Her pants used up the last of the Pavement Grey/Pure Black mix. 


Damaris got some Ebony Flesh on her pants, gloves, and hat band, then Leather Brown on her lower clothing. 

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Broke out the Rosy Skin and began my attempts on her face and chest. 


Same with Damaris who also received some ancient GW Emerald Green eyes. As can be seen on her lower boot, I also had to scrape off some wood putty from her that happened when I touched up her base a bit, and hopefully unnoticeable are several lurking mold lines that I also found and took care of, there's also a few I couldn't really reach. She's a rather angular sculpt, with several difficult to reach places both with mold lines and as far as painting goes. 

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The 40k Preacher has entered the home stretch...



Now it's just bringing up the white, and some washes.

Hopefully I can get the current group completed, and a decent start made on the chapterhouse before the reinforcements from Warlord Games show up. That of course requires I resist the call of ps4 Mordheim....

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The 40k Preacher has joined the former undertaker in the garage, drying from the matte sealer. They should be based and ready for Show Off later today.


Brought her inner robes up to Pure White and added Blonde Hair as well as yet more Black Wash on her rifle. Other than small details, only her hair and skin need to be finished, so I might actually get her done this morning.


Damaris's hair received some as well, and the foundation layer of Bronzed Skin has been applied to her shirt. 


Oswald's shirt as well. He's also had Black and Brown Washes applied to various parts where needed.

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Flock is drying on the finished three.


Resumed work on the chapterhouse with some Hashut Copper.



Shirts have received a 50/50 mix of Bronzed Skin and Dirty Bone.


Another batch undercoated, some Wizkids pillories and the Reaper Townsfolk Pillory and Kids. 


Chronoscope Order of St. George Ripper Nun waiting for some wood putty on her base.

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8 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Firts of all, great work so far.


Second, I have a few nervous Vampires and Witches in my Army, I had to assure them you wouldn't let those witchhunters travel to the Netherlands..

I don't think they'll be travelling anywhere anytime soon, the Witch and Pumpkin army here still outnumbers them and is closer to hand,  although I have found it prudent to keep them on different shelves... 

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...and with the coming of evening, a return to the desk.


Rosy Shadow on the kids and Duskwarden. Her sword hand fell off and has been reglued, so I'll have to wait til tomorrow to continue on her. 


Bronzed Shadow on these guys. I detached the sheriff's hands to make the rest of him easier to get to.


And a second application of wood putty on the ripper nun. 

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50/50 mix of Dirty Bone and Linen White.


Next is after the final layer of pure Linen White.




Rosy Shadow on the bird, Polished Silver on the lamp, Heartwood Brown on the barrel, Pavement Grey on the barrel rings, Hashut Copper on the shield.


Russet Brown on the main bag, Woodland Brown on another, Vallejo Intermediate Green on the bottle. Leaves just the rope, lock, bookmark, and various washes.

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Both Damaris and Oswald are finished. Which kind of took me by surprise in an odd sort of way. I've been painting in small increments rather than my marathon sessions of old, and my sense of time has gotten weird so it just dawned on me I've gotten five minis finished since last Tuesday. It feels much longer than that for some reason.


Anyway, drybrushed some Ancient Bark on the pillories, and I can see that the Rotting Wood Triad is going to be joining the ranks of my "most often abused" colors...

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