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Against Old Night: Witch Hunters of Diverse Assortment

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With the reinforcements scheduled to arrive Tuesday, I figured it time to return to the desk. Oswald and Damaris finally got their flocking so they ought to be invading Show Off later today.


Put some P3 Armor Wash on the roof, drybrushed some Pavement Gray on the shingles, and put down some Steel Legion Drab where the leaves will be.


Added some Russet Brown to the Sheriff's legs and the leather parts of the Dreadmere Ranger.




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Slathered some Agrax Earthshade onto the leaf sections. Once that's dry it'll go to the garage and get hit again with the matte sealer.



The first urchin has in descending order, Russet Brown, Shadowed Stone, and Leather Brown.


Leather Brown also applied to these guys, and they're starting to look more pilgrimlike now.

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Everyone now has a face. 


Eyes are a little wonky, but he now has a "Tom Cullen from The Stand miniseries" vibe going on. "M-O-O-N, that spells blasphemer!" His hair got a coat of Buckskin Pale.


Ebony Flesh hair and brows for this urchin.


Buckskin Pale again.


Simple black brows on the Ripper Nun.


Same with the rather shocked and appalled Duskwarden.


Blonde Shadow on the Ranger, trying to keep his "Not Aragorn" vibe to a minimum, also Ebony Flesh on his clothing.


And the Sheriff, who is starting to get the proper judgemental vibe. 

Later on, I'll try and get their skin finished, then begin to concentrate on them in smaller groups.

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Reinforcements have landed!


It's been a long time since I bought a starter box for anything, and so the leap into historicals begins... as previously warned, there are no bases in the set, but I've been hoarding 1 inch squares and cavalry bases in preperation for this.


Although they do all come with a plastic tab type base, so even though I still don't have quite enough for all the figures in the box, it isn't all that large a problem.


I also ordered 80 inquisiting pilgrim hats, so I should have enough of those at least.


Here's the Firelock Storming Party member alongside Jacob Knockengard. Even on the 1 inch base, he is noticeably smaller, but not by enough to really matter.


Alongside a GW Talisman Witch Hunter, he scales a bit better...


And is pretty much spot on with the Westwind Witch Hunter. So the takeaway here is that Jacob Knockengard has merely been blessed by the height god.

I really like that the hats/helmets are seperate pieces, that will make painting a great deal easier, and since the hats seem to scale well with Reaper minis, I now have a headwear horde for the future.


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10 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

A little difference in size is no problem, in real life we have such differences as well.

The Firelock Party is a good kit for these kind of projects.

I figured I'd start with them as they're on individual sprues, the pikemen/musketeers are going to be a bit more fiddly from the look of things, although the cavalry seem pretty straightforward as well. But all of them match up vary well in clothing style to the steriotypical Pilgrim, especially with the hats. Fashion doesn't seem to have changed all that drastically between 1642-1693.


According to the getting started sheet, it was suggested to break the box into two armies consisting of...

1 Officer

1 unit of 12 Pikemen with Command

2 units of 8 Musketeers

1 unit of 6 Cavalry

1 unit of 6 Firelocks

After thinking about it a bit, I figured this would be a good idea. Not only will it reduce the number being worked on at one time, it'll also be a nice way to get seed battalias going. I figure one will be out of Salem, commanded by "Hanging Judge" John Hathorne, and be the "anti witch" battalia, and the other will be a detachment from Plymouth under Captain Myles Standish, and be the "anti werewolf/vampire" battalia. (Of course the details for the "anti witch"/"anti werewolf" needed are going to require me to get over my nervousness regarding the use of green stuff, which I haven't ever used before for anything, so I'm going to do a bit of research there.)

Speaking of research, the above list fits in very nicely from what I could find so far about Pilgrim military capabilities. It seems both pikes and cavalry were not in as widespread use as in England, due to the dense forest, so having the bulk of each force being armed with some manner of firearm is accidentally historically accurate. For my purposes however, pikemen would be useful in fending off low flying witches, and a nice unit to hide behind if charged by a werewolf. 


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More fun with skin tones, this time Rosy Skin.




And a little more progress on the chapterhouse....


I got ahead of myself earlier with the copper on the window, so put down a black undercoat where it's going to be, some Golden Glow in the window panes, and glued a cut out portion of Damaris's blister pack over part of the main window. I have a shield from an old Empire Army infantry box I'll be adding to the center of it, and somewhere I have some strips of balsa wood to make a top beam from. I lined it up so that some of the window opening is still going to be there when I put the light bulb back inside, and the Pike & Shotte cavalry sprues each have a warhammer, so I'll have those crossed behind the shield. Given the overall style of the building, I figured going with a more Sigmarite Order of the Silver Hammer vibe was in order. 

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And finally finished the skin tones...


On the sheriff and ranger, I forgot to water down the Bronzed Highlight, so went over it with a bit of Flesh Wash to tie it in better.


With the pillory victim, I remembered to add water...



And after a nap, I finished the ladies and urchins with Rosy Highlight.





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Two months to get back to the table...yeesh. Granted I've got some model car projects going, but this is getting ridiculous...

Anyway, now that Turnip28 has got my inspirational meter refilled (yes, this is why I won't shut up about it), and I'm beginning to catch faint vibes of oncoming Autumn wafting upon the night winds, it is time to get some more progress made.


Added some Agrax Earthshade to the base, decided to switch her sash to Fresh Blood, put down a Misty Grey wash over the white, and put in the first layer of highlight on her robe, a Stormy Grey/Pure Black mix, slightly watered down. 

Need to touch up around her sash, the months of idleness seem to have taken something of a toll on my brush control.

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Mixed up another layer of Stormy Grey/Pure Black highlights, mix of Dark Highlights/Woodland Brown on the stakes, Rainy Grey wash on the white, Cloudy Grey drybrush over Pure Black on the gun, Black Wash on sash, stake bandoleer, and gloves, and Balthazar Gold on her rosary. She's now drying from the matte sealer, and other than basing elements is done. 

Now onwards to the others...


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