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Question: Paint and Take Survival Kit(s)


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As per Jon on Discord, the paints provided are the ones in the pictures.  (The paints are set.  Only the minis are random.)  It looks like the paints for the survival kit are:

  • 09402 Heraldic Red
  • 09408 Candlelight Yellow
  • 09413 Naga Green
  • 09429 Rich Leather
  • 09437 Dragon Black
  • 09438 Tempest Grey
  • 09439 Dragon White
  • 09450 Dragon Gold
  • 09453 Filigree Silver
  • 09472 Dragon Blue

And the paints in the expansion are:

  • 09406 Sunrise Orange
  • 09416 Spectral Glow
  • 09424 Runic Purple
  • 09443 Warrior Flesh
  • 09485 Meadow Green
  • 09608 Rose Gold

I have no idea about the brushes.  I'm not certain the brushes pictured are the ones that will be provided.

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1 hour ago, Marc said:

Sorry ... what are we talking about here?



Reaper Paint & Take Home Survival Kit

SKU: 09948  $43.99  None in stock

Reaper Paint & Take Home Survival Kit Expansion

SKU: 09949  $24.99  None in stock
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