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Frost Giant Guards


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    • By Evilhalfling
      Why is this giant standing this way?  He is solidly planted and ready, but not on the edge of combat.  
      He must be guarding something, expecting combat soon, but no one within striking distance. 
      After several false starts I ended up at this magical gate, clearly not built by or for giants of his size. 
      the Icy footprint shows he has been here a while, and went from standing position to a wide stance. 
      Was torn between entering this into contests as vignette or single figure.  (reapers large figure contest) 
      I went with single figure as by itself it does not really tell a story. 
      now if I paint and add a figure coming through the gate (like Thor)  then that is a diorama. 
      plenty of time to see if it works before Reapercon. 
      I tracked 20 hours of work on the giant, and another 8-10 on the base.  I have only gone in that deep on contest entries. 

    • By peepster1976
      Almost done... Just the snow and some painting details... 
      Really liked the model, and is 1 of the main reasons I backed bones 3...the posture was tough, I liked that a lot. 
      One of my first serious attempt of NMM, very happy with it. Unfortunately Tha backside if the axe is better than the front.... A well... 
      Hope u like. 
      Edit: icicles are from train-model building sets. Translucent plastic, and I sprayed a bit of white on the base of the icicle. 

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