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High fantasy miniature collection


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I'm in for the Storyteller at 75mm so far.. still trying to figure out what is up with the Ranger outfit

45 minutes ago, Gadgetman! said:

Maybe he got a big bonus after a long military campaign, og is an adventurer who retired while still at his peak, and used his share to buy an inn?   


He used to be an adventurer like you until he took an arrow to the knee?

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1 hour ago, Gadgetman! said:

I try to avoid lowering my pledge...    


So I added enough for 32mm minis of them also.   

(That takes me up to £64)

Haha I like your style. 
I’m definitely going to scope this out when I get home and can look it over. This’ll be hard to not back. Those look great!


Anyone who’s backed before, how did the quality match up?

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Morning all, hope everyone is doing okay during these difficult times.

1st of 2 stretch goals has been unlocked, every copy of the Story Teller will now come with a scale appropriate display plinth in a choice of style; recessed for magnetization or flat top for a clean top or custom base building;


Take care and stay safe! Throne Down.



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Good morning all, hope everyone is safe and well.

With 7 days left on the campaign the 2nd and last stretch goal is now unlocked, 10-4 pledge level will now recieve a £4.00 coupon to use in the pledge manager to redeem a free 32mm mini or money off any other scale/add-on!

Take care and stay safe, TD.





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