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I feel kind of bad about this:

I went and ordered the PDF of Frostgrave.

I went and placed a Mantic order for minis to use in Frostrgrave.



But I promise I will be making an order for Frostgrave minis again, soon.


I was already planning on the Mantic order when reminded that Frostgrave gives me another reason to use them. (And, to be fair - there is a set of Mantic figures intended for Frostgrave, it's just that all the figures in that set are also in the Kings of War undead army box....)


The Auld Grump - I am painting them up as my Goody Two-Shoes undead for Vanguard - giving their shields the Cross of Malta.

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14 hours ago, Crowley said:

The ebook and some solo scenarios are now free on Osprey. Use code FGV2020 at checkout. No link, cause of commerce rules. 

Why did they decide to do this? Did they say?


5 hours ago, LittleBluberry said:

Thanks for the heads-up!  We have a hardcover copy of Frostgrave, but a PDF is more portable.  

I also have hardcopies.

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I have been talking with Osprey Games about how we can help out with all of the people who are currently stuck at home, either by government order or because they are helping by self-isolating. It seems like this is a time when everyone could use a little solo gaming! I suggested that we give away Dark Alchemy, since that has 3 solo scenarios… but that only helps people who already play Frostgrave.  So, in the end, we just decided to give away the Frostgrave rulebook too!


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Played our first game last night.


Wicked easy rules, almost like an RPG, but way deadly combat.


Grump took down my wizard in one round, ganging up on her with his wizard and two soldiers in a group action.


He cast exactly one spell, Elemental Hammer.


He didn't need all the soldiers, he did ten points and the Elemental Hammer did five, then she was down. Wham, bam, thank you ma'am!


He wiped out MOST of my warband, then proceeded to loot the library. Letting my tracker companion and two soldiers wander around.


But all my casualties survived without permanent damage, so they will be out for revenge, next time.


He never fought with one character, he MOBBED each one of mine.

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