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MercNet Battle Report


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MercNews Battle Report 6
Watchman Reporting
MercNet HQ, Kaitos (2)

I bid you greetings;

       There is a field report coming in of a small, but intense, battle presently in progress. Current location has been CLASSIFIED by request of the 14th. Cav.DSCI0022a.thumb.JPG.00956ad2316a604886b53292fcdc0521.JPGDSCI0022b.thumb.JPG.36d7a9a2c5da0ec5b61c2585f16ae4a2.JPGDSCI0022c.thumb.JPG.8cfdddc2114a8001c8bfdeac537d53d7.JPG

       The force structure of each is as follows:

14th. Cav.

Dictator 70  Archer  Ogre     Scorpion      Mastodon



       The next unit, due to its varied scheme and colorful nature, must be the Pirates:           Black Cutlass

(2) Wights   (2) Rhinos   Talon


       Both units being reinforced Platoons, the first with Artillery support and the second with ECM/ECCM support.

       Black Cutlass is advancing on his left flank taking full advantage of maneuver space and cover. The 14th is wending its way up the mountain passes.  Unfortunately the slower units ended up in the lead. (Turns 1 – 4)DSCI0018.thumb.JPG.00df7c650f49a11a1d5ae7d9e99d8aac.JPGDSCI0019.thumb.JPG.07830dae7af644ed3a3ac2619b60dce2.JPGDSCI0021.thumb.JPG.8be04ea2ddda9e089405294882bc5588.JPGDSCI0023.thumb.JPG.c09ce5f208c140aae9d6e11b492bf77a.JPGDSCI0024.thumb.JPG.a575383cc8eb04a5264574e7af89031c.JPGDSCI0025.thumb.JPG.45c5504b813356252ef5f3e6ae18abcc.JPGDSCI0026.thumb.JPG.f93142fb7b63d1de0ae88f05cc849bfa.JPGDSCI0027.thumb.JPG.5f05d779d086649a770b72800deeb9bc.JPGDSCI0028.thumb.JPG.4dd7338d1998454bbe68c3cb47f5aa86.JPGDSCI0029.thumb.JPG.f41108ce2867198d1ef67d23bd2b5bb9.JPGDSCI0030.thumb.JPG.c415c195b2f408c59f5f66e4a3fcb808.JPGDSCI0031.thumb.JPG.ab98e486ad57cdc2afe3baa680dd7a9e.JPGDSCI0032.thumb.JPG.94af0e7f51dace5f931c94821a258b28.JPGDSCI0033.thumb.JPG.e54512f107058eec479e9827658ec827.JPGIt appears the 14th made a tactical mistake sending the Ogre and Scorpion up the left hand pass, as will become apparent.  The Dictator is in position to open fire on the closest Wight, but the hits cause no damage and Wight returns fire and caused 1 hit. (Turn 5)DSCI0034.thumb.JPG.54b53cfa82e978e93ec14c77aca70c7c.JPGDSCI0035.thumb.JPG.a1b53a26f1edb8ac877f86c2c1d9cec3.JPG The Archer is next to prosecute the same Wight, and again the fire did no appreciable damage. The Wight returned fire but was wide of the mark. The Mastodon reaches firing position and sends an AP (Armor Piercing) round down range and does 1 damage point on the same Wight. (Turn 7)DSCI0039.thumb.JPG.87d3ab699cdd8665e2860fa852c11bcf.JPG Once again the Mastodon shoots at the Wight with another AP round, but causes no significant damage. The Wight returns fire but once again misses the target. The second Wight pops up and takes a shot at the Archer obtaining 1 hit, but the Archer returns fire and also scores 1 hit on the second Wight. (Turn 6)DSCI0040.thumb.JPG.e87aa330730bcb0628f6ef4450ec81dc.JPGDSCI0041.thumb.JPG.69f53d307d5c39f169801009702fcabc.JPG  Rhino #1 comes in range to shoot at the Mastodon with no effect. The Mastodon returns fire with AP and scores 2 hits on Rhino #1. (Turn 7)DSCI0048.thumb.JPG.cf6bbba612cbcab0a89cb3cf4df5045a.JPG  The Dictator comes under fire and is hit 2 times, whereas the returned fire from the Dictator has no effect. (Turn 8)DSCI0046.thumb.JPG.dfe9be0d2b9d35823bc5fdc52c66c6c6.JPG  The first Wight again shoots at the Dictator and hits 2 times, and in return Wight #1 takes 1 hit.DSCI0047.thumb.JPG.034f01f4efffcfa5aea6d3135d785fae.JPG  The Dictator scores 1 hit on the Talon, but when it gets into action and puts 2 hits on the Dictator, that was sufficient to take down the Dictator. (Turn 9) DSCI0048.thumb.JPG.cf6bbba612cbcab0a89cb3cf4df5045a.JPG Wight #2 shoots and hits the Archer, with 1 hit and is missed with returning fire. (Turn 10)DSCI0051.thumb.JPG.195df782048372056c1e041961a1e50c.JPG  (Battle ended due to time constraints)DSCI0050.thumb.JPG.08bb5868742a06afc264baeb8afa3f33.JPGDSCI0052.thumb.JPG.2de081a253e1a6c2b63a0c6b8a3237a3.JPG


Battle Results:     Black Cutlass                  14th Cav.

                            Wight #1      2 hits            Dictator 70   7 hits

                            Wight #2      1 hit             Archer          2 hits    

                            Rhino #1      2 hits

Talon           1 hit


After Action Report:

       14th Cav. suffered from poor Recon initially.  Sending the Ogre and Scorpion on the left hand trail, fatally took them out of action, as not being able to navigate the exit trail off the mountain and instead caused them to traverse to the right hand trail back off the mountain to the valley trail.  Had the battle lasted they eventually would have been able to engage.DSCI0042.thumb.JPG.9e7f857b54140bc99c55f567898cf460.JPGDSCI0045.thumb.JPG.b137c391e427951412e2b4b5fa9dc8fe.JPGDSCI0049.thumb.JPG.aa9aec96160891523b530e97db82b239.JPG  The Dictator rushing out ahead of supporting forces gave the Pirates a primary target to focus on with little hindrance to there attacks.  Once the Talon moved into coverage range the Dictator was in for a rough ride resulting in the necessity of punching out of the doomed machine. The only fault I can lay at Black Cutlass’ feet is putting the Talon on the front line as a regular combat unit, thus exposing the unit to the possible loss of the highly effective ECCM capability. (One small, small, concession to the Cav. Commander, was the distraction of running the rules to relearn the rule mechanics since the last battle, of say, a year ago.)   


This is the Watchman

Good Day








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4 hours ago, Corsair said:

Thanks for a fun report! Gorgeous scenery and nice to see how well CBT maps work for CAV.

I am thinking on redoing the 3D boards by cutting out the elevated portions on the Contour Lines instead of the hex sides as it currently is, thereby making the terrain less restrictive.  Yes the BT sheets came in quite handy, not to mention they copy well on lighter paper for cutting out the elevated portions.

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