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Al Capwn

Zombicide: Invader - Allyson (Acrylic Inks)

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Working on the box of Kickstarter extras, starting with Allyson. For Allyson I wanted to run the new (to me) FW Inks through their paces. 90% of the painting will be done with inks, instead of "paints". Now to be fair, the acrylics inks as essentially paints since they use acrylic binder and pigments, as opposed to dyes, but they are super concentrated and usually use pigments that are typically pretty transparent but have high tinting strength.






For the inks, I now have the following:20200329_172749.jpg.50b91fd5522126da3e6c4c8a85277274.jpg


  • White
  • Black
  • Paynes Grey
  • Purple Lake
  • Sepia
  • Turoquoise
  • Rowney Blue
  • Flame Red
  • Flame Orange
  • Brilliant Yellow
  • Dark Green
  • Process Magenta
  • Process Cyan
  • Process Yellow











Whew, that is a lot! With these colors there is a fairly large range of tones that can be made.


After an hour or so, I had blocked in some of the colors. Again, with the exception of the flesh tones, everything here was done with the inks and a added bit of Golden Matte Medium to reduce the shine of the inks.


The pants were Dark Green (PG7) in the shadows, and Dark Green + Process Yellow (PY3/PY74) for the highlights/midtones. I am aware they are very bright, but I will desaturate them a bit later with some brown tones to bring it more into the "camo" spectrum rather than neon-green. I wanted to show that the ability to get a vibrant color with just a few glazes over a zenithal coat, having great intensity of color and contrast.


The jacket was Process Magenta (PV19) with Purple Lake (PV23/PR122) added into the shadows. White (PW6) was added to highlight the folds. Her T-shirt was Payne's Grey (Pbk7/PB15), with a bit of extra Rowney Blue (PB15:3) added in. Highlighted with the addition of White.


Boots were Flame Orange (PY83/PR9) and Sepia (Pbk7/PR112/PY83) mixed together, which give a result very similarly to Contrast Snakebite Leather. Highlighted with a bit of White + Brilliant Yellow (PY83/PY74).


The knee/leg armor padding was somewhat of a mix of colors. Mostly Flame Red (PR112), but with some Sepia and Purple Lake and Process Magenta added in as well. Highlighted with White, and glazed back over with Flame Red.


The hair and gloves were both done with Payne's Grey.





Thoughts so far is that I really am enjoying this process and they are cheating for underpainting and rival Contrast paints in a lot of ways. Or I should say that Contrast paints took a play from acrylic inks formulation. I like that your initial values are preserved with the inks, and you can simply build up the color intensity and add Yellow or White to keep the contrast values where you want them. For the shadows, you simply glaze the dark colors directly on top and let that Pthalo Green do the work, glazing the transition areas.

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Blocking in a few more colors:


  • Leather bits are Sepia + Flame Orange.
  • Collar and cuffs were where I cheated (shhh) and used Kimera Yellow Ochre (Yellow Oxide) because I needed a semi-opaque warmer undertone. I then used a wee bit of Vallejo Flat Yellow which has that precious (and toxic) Cadmium in it. I then applied subsquent glazes of Army Painter soft tone and highlighted with some White+Yellow inks.
  • I desaturated the pants from neon green down to a more military green by using a bit of Golden Heavy Body Burnt Umber. Now, I wouldn't really advise this for a couple of reasons. The first is that it is VERY opaque and VERY dark, and the second is that it tends to have a fairly odd consistency when thinned down. I will need to experiment more with the HBAs. I ended up glazing some Green + Process Yellow inks to bring the color back up into the highlights a little bit.
  • Zipper and gun is Vallejo Model Air Steel.
  • Added a little more shading with the Purple Lake into the shadows of the jacket, just to up the contrast a wee bit more.



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