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22 hours ago, Knight of the Dinner Table said:

I think Gloomhaven is an awesome game, but in our family we've only played it a couple of times for various reasons.


It'll be available for retail at the same price on sale. I know some groups who have played the GH campaign at least twice, so this KS is for them. We only got halfway, and I bought Forgotten Circles on sale.


The KS does have some nice coins. $20 for 60 pieces, although I've never needed more than the 1's for Loot tokens. Still, hope they make retail as well.


Also, the $50 big box Jaws of a Lion will go direct to retail. I presume Amazon will have it at a discount. If you don't play GH too often, Jaws might be a better fit.


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Here's something interesting:

- Frosthaven set a record for the first day in games (and probably for the first day on Kickstarter) since it brought in 5 million in its first 24 hours.

- If Frosthaven follows the thirds funding pattern, it will top Kingdom Death 1.5 and be the top funded game ever.

There are reasons Frosthaven might not follow the pattern- mostly because it lacks add ons which usually fuel most of the end spike.  However, Gloomhaven 2 only came short of tripling its initial funding by 10%.  If the same thing happens here, Frosthaven will end up very close to the funding total that Kingdom Death 1.5 brought in, and it is impossible to say whether it will end just a little higher or lower.

- So far, Frosthaven is bringing in enough to make it (ie- the slump is still being strong enough to bring in another 5 million before the end spike begins).

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Definitely interesting! 


Ironically, I think I've spent more money hunting down miniatures for GH proxies than KD. :P Buying multiples of single miniatures is costly, yet multiples of a sculpt are too often sold as part of a larger package. And, GH has original designs for many of its races. Thank goodness I backed Bones, Massive Darkness, and Zombicide : Black Plague, but that's $350+ for skeletons, zombies, and orcs and goblins as bandit and Inox proxies.


I sure wish Reaper or even CMON would tap into the GH market by licensing miniatures. Both companies have clearly shown they can produce boxed sets of inexpensive miniatures. CMON routinely includes colored base markers and Reaper has experience making bases. The total cost might be much for boardgamers, but the GH product line would have fewer SKU's than the already existing blister pack SKU's.

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I backed it with the intention of adding GH to the pledge manager later on.  Then they added the new pledge option that included both and I upgraded to that...  

and then I cancelled my pledge.  Not sure but the more this goes on, the less interested I am in the product, despite being really interested in the base and solo aspects of the game.  

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10M and they are gunning to veat the KD:M total of 12.4M



This is an absurd amount of money! When we were planning this out, I may have wistfully mentioned that it would be nice to hit $10 million, but it was a pipe dream. And then once the pandemic hit, I thought it for sure wouldn't happen. But we threw the party anyway, and now look where we are! Thanks to everyone for making this pipe dream come true (the game as well as the absurd funding level)!

And we still have about 28 hours left! What other numbers can we reach? Well, I'm going to be perfectly honest with all of you: I want to hit $12.4 million, a number that would make us the #1 most funded board game project of all time

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Blacklist Games teased in the comments that there would be some sort of announcement in the Frosthaven KS about BL's Fantasy Series I miniatures set.


If anyone backing FH can post the announcement, I'd appreciate it.


Dunno if there's really any cross between FH and FS1, as FS1 is mostly generic fantasy, while GH had many unique monsters. I do know that Isaac designed some stuff for BL's Altar Quest game, so they at least know each other. Hopefully, BL will make 'Haven miniatures sometime in the future!



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