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Legendary Dragons 3D printable files for Miniatures

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A shadow breaks through the clouds, filling hearts with wonder and dread; their fiery breaths captivating memory. These beasts live through songs that last entire generations, stories that become legend; for what could ever compare to the sight of a Dragon? LAIR is proud to present Legendary Dragons 3D-Printable Miniatures. Based on the Legendary Dragons 5e supplement by Jetpack7.




Handled by the same people as Dragons of the Red Moon, which has so far delivered some amazing STLs

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Glitz would be right at home in Eberron.


He made his money the old fashioned way: he brewed it!


Loud and proud!


Large and in charge!


Hasn't flown in years, and fat enough that he's not sure he still can.


And maybe learning more about the Draconic Prophecies by letting the world come to him than by skulking around the shadows.


I think he and Drake Argent would have HATED each other!


Bronze, Brass, or Red dragon, I think.


Yeah, pinging Grump about this one. ::):

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50 hours to go!

So far you get 16 dragons, 1 pug-dragon, 2 minis and an RPG-mini adventure for 25$

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9 hours ago, Kangaroorex said:

Wound up giving this a go.  

yup, me too. Saw it when it launched, thought "cool, I'll come back later and see what they got"   Then Skies posted that they were throwing in an airship and I looked at it again and thought 'holy smokes there's a lot unlocked now' and went in on it.


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Don't know if anyone stayed with them but I got my first STLs yesterday.  They look pretty good.  I plan on printing one out tomorrow or Monday (when the power come back) and have a good look.  Looking forward to the feathered serpents!

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