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Brave? or Foolish? Yellow paint on black primer.(April Hobby Goals)

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Courage looks like foolishness to a coward! Which are you! Chronicle your tales of Triumph or Tradgedy below!



--Go to GenCon-might not happen due to plague

--Reach Level 43

--Run for elected office

--Get elected

--Fist Fight a Deity

--Walk away after Fist Fight with a Deity

--Hopefully after Winning that Fist Fight with a Deity

--Watch a Demon Lord bleed out at my feet

--have one or more Devil Kings beg me on their knees for mercy they will never recieve

--have the very thought of my existence cause Greater Fey to tremble in fear

--figure out how baking works

--try to bake cookies from family recipes

--eat lightning

--continue discovering how cats work

--beat three classic video games I've never beaten before-beaten Mega Man Zero 1, 3 and 4!

--Create a Super Fighting Robot

--Treat Super Fighting Robot as Son or Daughter

--Finally play the Mega Man Zero/ZX series due to collection-MMZero4 has an effing amazing final boss fight and music to match!



--Royally wreck the cognition of some abusive criminals as a Phantom Thief!(in a video game. Persona 5 Royal)

--try to figure out why my streaming setup isn't working now.

--begin preperatiions for my next F2F D&D game. We are off to Eberron!



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Top Posters In This Topic

First I will paint some more walls and a ceiling in the hallway.


Then I will probably want to order and assemble a new display cabinet, maybe a cupboard as well.


I hope to be able to resume work again, preferably from home.


If possible I would love to hobby again and at least work on some minis.


Not sure if it counts, but I did glue a few parts of minis that fell apart during the move.

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Foolish goals: 

paint 10 from Bones 3, core set 

Dragon (possibly wizkids brass?) 


Figure out how to paint during lockdown.  The dinning room where my paint desk sits is now a crowded location. 

The basement has been claimed as a weight lifting / exercising room, so it may not be any better. 


I have things that would would be harder, and improve my skills; like a bust, or finish the "Lizardmen in the style" of (3 left) or Kingdom death critter. 

but mostly I want to paint quick and dirty. 

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Here at the start of the month, my painting space isn’t in too bad a shape.  The work at home stations have taken over the dining room table and the kitchen island.  Tomorrow was a scheduled day off, and we are continuing to maintain our pre-diaspora schedule, so I am looking at a three day weekend with nothing going on but a few household chores and a remote miniatures game to be hosted by my brother, and my plan is to paint.




Goals for this month include:


24 Ral Partha fantasy civic militia

Bones saprolings as 1/72 scale fantasy monsters

Tabletop World house (far right, pretty far along)

Apocalypse world building (center)

12 vintage Minifig true orc archers

6 British light dragoons for the 40mm French Revolution


Stretch goals

11 40mm French Revolution Gardes Nationale to complete the unit sampled last month

Something Byzantine

a true 25mm fantasy monster or two





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Goals for April:

  • not die from the pandemic
  • finish that bloody paint rack, especially as the parts are now all over the dining room table....
  • paint some Star Wars Legion Imperial stuff (a commander and another unit would be helpful for play)
  • play at least one small simple game of Star Wars Legion with my wife
  • assemble more Star Wars Legion rebels for my wife (ordered some from the lfgs to support them during all this...they can't get anything new as the distributors aren't shipping, and I have at least one of all the Imperial stuff they have)
  • resurrect my Ender 3 (main board replacement)
  • get my new Elegoo Mars to actually have something stick to the build plate.....
  • hopefully get my summer car out of the garage and ready to drive (for the first time in a couple of years). Not sure if I can get it registered currently, or if that will have to wait until restrictions ease..... 
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Keeping with my hobby goals for 2020; in April while staying at home, I plan to:

  • Paint two character figures for Slipstream (Flash Gordon)
  • Paint an English fighter from the annual box
  • Paint an animated statue for Rangers of Shadow Deep
  • Paint this month's Mithril Miniature
    • The first stretch goal for April is a pair of Minions for Slipstream
    • The second stretch goal is 5 black blood assault orcs
    • The third stretch goal is a female dwarf
    • The final stretch goal is a Duskwarden for Duskwardens of Dreadmere

My hobby goals for 2020 include:

  • Painting more miniatures for Rangers of Shadow Deep and Frostgrave games (20 so far)
  • Entering at least two miniature painting contests (and the monthly Frostgrave contest)
  • Painting some sci-fi minis for the game Slipstream (6)
  • Painting all the figures in my annual box (12 remain)
  • Painting a Mithril miniature each month [On track with 4]
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For me, I've painted more in the past couple months than all of last year I think.  3D printing and crafting stuff for my D&D adventure have been the push I needed to get some paint onto stuff.  My foray into 3D printed busts has introduced some shorter term, different pieces to play with.  Now, if only I could channel a little of that creative energy into some of the Reaper stuff or GW stuff that is filling my basement.  8) 


Goals for April are:

Finish 2 current busts (one is just about there)

Finish painting crafted pillars for D&D

Paint at least 2 other things that are NOT 3d printed (i.e. I already own the physical model)

Finish wiring for the Necron objective markers

3D print more stuff to paint or not... ::P:

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With the enforced at home time I have cleared up my hobby space and now I hope to paint some figures from the new Black Bones line.  The skiff and the raft first followed by the big fish.  This will be used in my ongoing D&D campaign, when we get started again.


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On 4/1/2020 at 6:31 PM, Glitterwolf said:

First I will paint some more walls and a ceiling in the hallway.


Then I will probably want to order and assemble a new display cabinet, maybe a cupboard as well.


I hope to be able to resume work again, preferably from home.


If possible I would love to hobby again and at least work on some minis.


Not sure if it counts, but I did glue a few parts of minis that fell apart during the move.


Well, I did paint all those walls and the ceiling.


Waiting for my new display cabinets ( I ordered two) and a cupboard.

When those arrive I will probably reshuffle the hobby set up, maybe change desks and order a larger table.

Hopefully when that is done I get some hobby time.


We're also looking at removing the small gazebo/shack thing in the back of the garden and replace it with one that actually looks good and is more functional.

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