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Brave? or Foolish? Yellow paint on black primer.(April Hobby Goals)

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On 4/2/2020 at 11:54 AM, Jasper_the_2nd said:

Goals for April:

  • not die from the pandemic
  • finish that bloody paint rack, especially as the parts are now all over the dining room table....
  • paint some Star Wars Legion Imperial stuff (a commander and another unit would be helpful for play)
  • play at least one small simple game of Star Wars Legion with my wife
  • assemble more Star Wars Legion rebels for my wife (ordered some from the lfgs to support them during all this...they can't get anything new as the distributors aren't shipping, and I have at least one of all the Imperial stuff they have)
  • resurrect my Ender 3 (main board replacement)
  • get my new Elegoo Mars to actually have something stick to the build plate.....
  • hopefully get my summer car out of the garage and ready to drive (for the first time in a couple of years). Not sure if I can get it registered currently, or if that will have to wait until restrictions ease..... 


Alrighty.  The month isn't quite over but I might as well update.

  • It appears I did not die from the pandemic!
  • The paint rack is complete and full of paint
  • I have completed Vader and another unit of 4 Stormtroopers.  And hopefully the remaining 3 from that unit ad a Scout Trooper will be done before midnight. 
  • We have played multiple games if Star Wars Legion. We are still adding in rules, but are up to 2 squads and a leader now per faction.
  • I assembled all the rebels I had.  Then bought more.  And assembled some of them, although there is a new pile to be assembled.  And more coming tomorrow. Even got a few more Imperials.
  • After way, way, way too much work, my Ender 3 is alive and printing beautifully.
  • After determining that Maroon resin is the devil, my Mars is happily printing in Grey. (Maroon needs weird settings, which I didn't realize...)
  • My summer car has indeed made it to my driveway. It still needs to get safety inspected, registered with the province, and insured to be on the road, but until things settle down a bit more I'm really not interested and going to the DMV to get the registration part done, so no hurry on the rest. It being out of the garage means I can work on the garage.

Well, either I'm getting better at setting goals or at meeting them.....let's see how it goes in May.....


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On 4/16/2020 at 9:23 AM, Glitterwolf said:

I'm now in the process of refurnishing the Hobby Room.

Almost done, one more display case to be assembled ( first one was a real pain, let's hope that this time all the parts will fit).


So my next goal:

  • Finish that display cabinet.
  • Store my unpainted minis in the new cabinets/drawers etc.
  • Set up my new Elegoo Mars which can arrive any day now.
  • See if I can produce a decent 3D printed mini with that.







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On 4/2/2020 at 7:03 AM, Rob Dean said:

24 Ral Partha fantasy civic militia

Bones saprolings as 1/72 scale fantasy monsters

Tabletop World house (far right, pretty far along)

Apocalypse world building (center)

12 vintage Minifig true orc archers

6 British light dragoons for the 40mm French Revolution

So, it turns out that working your usual schedule while confined to the house with your partner due to a pandemic is not the optimum situation for painting. :blink:


Out of all of that, I painted the two houses.  That’s better than some months that have occurred in which no brush was touched at all, but I am going to have to pick up the pace in May if I want to keep up with my son in the “figure a day average” challenge.  (I’m good through 22 April or so, so not impossibly far behind with some relatively easy units to do.)


Along the way, I did also add some paint to the saprolings, built some hills, and started another house.  I also got in a remote game each weekend.  So,  overall, meh...

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I got precisely one minis project done from my list but got cracking with some other stuff, adding up to 53 minis. I didn't rush anything but it's all 'tabletop standard'... 









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stuff painted in april

20 CAV: haunt, pillager, 2 wolverines, 3 flail, 2 sabres, 1 lion II, 3 outlaws, 2 poultergeists, 3 banshees 1 manicore, 1 malefactorIMG_20200501_143758~2.jpg


8 admech: 6 battle servitors, 1 maniplus, 1 dominus


17 random stuff: 3 relic knights power armors, 2 mantic star saga minis, 2 wrath of kings people, 2 bones dire boars, 3 transluscent bones minis, 1 mad moz mouseling, reaper winged cat, reaper emisary, 1 jade fire orc converted to post apocalypse mutant.



for a total of: 45 minis in april



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