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A bit more work tonight. First, I cut more of the orc away from the beast. The stub I'd left behind was just too much to work with, so off it went. Gonna be interesting to see if I'll be able to sculpt in the thighs well enough to blend the torso with the legs that I didn't cut away. 




After all the cutting, I finished sculpting in the fur. You can't really tell except on the left flank. Most of the other spots were hard to photograph and harder to reach, like the inside of legs. Once that was done I started to sculpt in the saddle and a bag with a strap over the back of the beast. The original mini has a much taller saddle, but my initial attempts to recreate it didn't work so this lower rounder shape is what I ended up with. I think it works...  But now I have to wait for the greenstuff to cure before I can do anything else.



And here are a few bonus shots with the rider, bow and quiver dry fitted on to give an idea of how it'll look. 




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Weapon swap time!


But what to choose?


Decided on the beast man Gor spiked ball, but it needed a longer pole. The beast man gor standard bearer arm worked. So drill and pin and...




No, wait, that's too long... IMG_20200406_192035.thumb.jpg.4268e46934580d96731b9ec62c46cdaa.jpg


Thankfully the glue wasn't dry yet. Trim, drill and glue...



That's better. 


Then to pin him to the beast!



Tomorrow is leg day.

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Looking carefully, and over a day or two, I realized that the orc legs that came with the beast were just... too short. So I was gonna need to make them longer, which means raising Kornovik up some. 


That also meant that the saddle was far too short too, so that needed bulking up. 


I decided not to do anything fancy with the pants. As much as I'd have loved to do something like the woven leather of the pants Kevin Sorbo wore as hercules, I just wasn't gonna try something that intricate. Maybe next time. 


And because I can't leave well enough alone, or do just what I'd planned on working on, I also added the reigns, the stirrup straps, wrapped over the split bracer where I'd done the hand swap to cover the obvious gap. 







Next time will be the finishing details! Then on to painting!! (I hope)

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Finishing up some details, including the bit, bow (from the Reaper Bones 3 weapon sprue)  & quiver (from the Frostgrave barbarian kit), skull (from the Frostgrave Wizard's kit).







I also gave Kornovik a vest, cause there was just too much bare chest going on.


Finally I added sand from Hawaii. 



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