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Al Capwn

Zombicide: Invader - Norton (Acrylic Inks)

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Continuing with my trend and WIPs of Kickstarter extras was Norton. I decided to capture a few more inbetween steps for painting the face this time around. I wanted to see if the first time was a fluke or not, so here goes another attempt...



First was the usual zenithal priming...



Next was applying purple lake to the edges of the skin, process yellow to the forehead, flame red to the middle, and a bit of blue - though this last part is seemed really unnecessary since he has a big bushy beard.



I then took my Kislev Flesh Ink...



...and began to glaze it over most of the face. This left some of the yellow and red undercoat to still show up a bit...




...and after a bit of blending, some additional highlighting, and adding in some other colors, this is the result. Total time spent on the face was probably 20-30 minutes. Technically, the tip of the nose I over highlighted and it should still be somewhat ruddy. A simple glaze can correct that later.




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June 23rd


Rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated! I have been busy with work and other projects.


Here is Norton after a bit more work:






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