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Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - Mission 16

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B:GCC - Mission 16 "Like Father, Like Daughter".  Orphan tries to stop Scarecrow from helping Orphan spread weird toxins/chemicals throughout Gotham.  It makes me wonder who the heck comes up with superhero names in DC, and why someone would go by Orphan if her dad is still alive.  Anywho...


I stopped painting for a bit due to lots of unrelated things (like Borderlands 3 coming out for Steam).  Now that I'm working from home,  I can get back to painting regularly.  And B:GCC Season 2 just arrived so my dream of painting Season 1 before that showed up did not pan out. 


Father, Daughter, and Scarecrow




Orphan (Cassandra Cain).  Not someone I know much about as far as Batman lore goes, but seems interesting.  Not sure how she's an orphan if her dad is still alive...  Painting her was a bit tough, as some of her details were pretty small.  

 687006349_2020-04-0411_49_53.thumb.jpg.7e1f9711c1239d61251939da369b59fd.jpg 1879127501_2020-04-0411_50_07.thumb.jpg.1a2d96fd59fddb252a7bfe2f79c71c21.jpg 2081507735_2020-04-0411_50_18.thumb.jpg.74f9ba1a908e763bb28978534dea1187.jpg 



Orphan (David Cain).  Another person I'm not too familiar with.  And I hate painting white so...not a fan of how he came out. 

1196603553_2020-04-0411_50_29.thumb.jpg.004d083340aab0239ba85b73d6d0c658.jpg 930427801_2020-04-0411_50_41.thumb.jpg.1bf26126df05963ecfb1a4992656e449.jpg



Scarecrow.  I LOVE how he came out.  One of my favorites of this series so far.  He looks so pale and weather beaten. 

825310049_2020-04-0411_49_29.thumb.jpg.2f98b7f4adbf276d9cf8b9510bd32f91.jpg 514300143_2020-04-0411_49_39.thumb.jpg.d0e074bbde7c0fd5dc1fdfb2fb41e572.jpg 1364213106_2020-04-0411_49_45.thumb.jpg.64fe93c4db01874e66ea4c27bdf3d472.jpg



Mr Bloom's Gang.  Unrelated to the story, but I need to speed up my painting game, so I'm adding one henchman/police group each time, even if they aren't involved in the story.


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"Not only IS he no orphan, but he never WAS one!" --The Pirates of Penzance

Excellent job all round.

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      B:GCC - Versus Mode gives us three new heroic henchmen to pick from.  Unlike the core game, versus mode has two masterminds battling it out against each other.  There is still a mission to complete but the setup is much different.  Each team typically gets a main character, a side character and some minions.  
      DEVGRU.  Apparently they are a real thing that has been comicbook-ified.    They remind me a bit of a cyborg cop in the AD Police anime.  

      Heavy Assault GCPD SWAT. 

      Bomb Disposal Drones.  I thought I should give them a brighter color scheme since you probably don't want to be near them when they are doing their job.  And make them easier to recover if they fail.  

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      B:GCC - Hero Box Leftovers "aaaand DONE!"* The hero box had some police drones I had yet to paint (and they just as often show up as villainous henchmen) and some of the neutral innocent people of Gotham you sometimes need to rescue.  
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      Police Drones (with guns!)


      Citizens.  I don't know what makes these "citizens" and the bystanders "bystanders", but whatever.  

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      B:GCC - Villain Box Leftovers "Almost Done".  We are finished with the mission book!*  Two alt sculpts that were not specifically involved in any missions so far, and all the 3D objectives are all that remain in the villain box.  The hero box leftovers will be next.  
      *There was one more mission that featured the Batmobile, but I'm not painting that and there was no one else I hadn't painted already.  
      Island of misfit Batman minis.

      Riddler, with a fantastic pose, I think.  At least, one that fits his style.  Riddler Year Zero was in a core book mission but not this guy.  I wonder why.  (Unless I missed him, which could have happened)
      Killer Croc, with a more animalistic look than his other sculpt.  Getting his face in focus was a bit of a pain.
      Consoles.  I wanted to make them that ugly, 1970s green.  Not my best paint job but, meh.  They are good enough for objectives.

      Computer Objectives.  

      An unsafe safe surrounded by bombs.  

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      B:GCC - Mission 23 "A COWardly Act".  Catwoman's cats have been poisoned by poison milk.  The Bat Team has gone in to investigate, but hasn't returned!  It is now up to Batcow to rescue the Bat Team from the clutches of Poison Ivy.  
      I...don't get Batcow. I mean, I understand that comic books have to comic, but why include him in an otherwise serious game?  He doesn't really fit the tone of this game system. 
      The Dynamic Duo

      Catwoman with her Long Halloween outfit.  She is not actually in this mission, but she is the person giving the introduction, and I hadn't painted her yet.  
      Batcow.  The heroine of our story.  Admittedly you can have a lot of fun with Batcow and she was an easy paint.  I mean, you can't really screw up a cow, no matter what you do.  
      Mother's Day Flowers! (also Poison Ivy's deadly henchmen)

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      B:GCC - Mission 22 "Explosive Surprise" has Harley Quinn and her gang prepping some explosive packages to send through the USPS to various locations in Gotham.  Apparently postal regulations are looser in the DC Universe.  
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      Harley in one of her newer outfits and her signature POW! hammer.  I kinda screwed up her face when I tried to paint on eyebrows.  Tried to fix it but no luck.  
      Bud and Lou, a girl's best friend.
      Harley Quinn's gang.  

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