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Reaper ogre squad WIP

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I don't do WIP's very often and I'm well into a couple of these guys. But I added a couple more as I started to base the first few so I figured I might as well. Maybe it will help me keep my focus. 

We have the 3 bones ogres from a kickstarter or two ago, the bones black preview ogre, metal Kagunk 2, and the bones 4 ettin. I may decide to add metal ogre chieftain (aka kagunk 1) as well as he is half finied on the shelf anyway, and metal Norr'Okk, if I can ever figure out what to do about his head. 

Also considering ordering the newer ogre chieftain, but we will see.

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Did some base work and started on the skin of these two. As well as primed up the bases of the others.


not really happy with how Kagunk is working with his base. It's sand and it should have been obvious that he wouldn't attach well to it. Trying to pin him to it just seems to make it worse. I'll probably pull him off of it and try something different. 

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Probably just cracked stone with moss similar to the giant I did a while back, I'd like the ogres to look right along side him.


Got him pinned down to the base and he feels pretty secure. 

Used a base coat of pro paint orc flesh (I'm going to miss that one when it finally dies or runs out) and some rocket steel to start on his metal parts.

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Browned up the fur and leather, and clubs and hair, and then gave them all a flesh wash. I also added Kagunk the first  the ogre chieftain to the set as he was a model I started a long time ago but was just unsatisfied with how he was going. Hopefully he'll be a nice addition to the group. 


the whole crew so far, as well as a goat man waste paint receptacle. 

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20210610_152414.thumb.jpg.e7fa4b7e04aaaad08cc725a8906beebe.jpgForgot about this wipe. I have still been working on it though. The boys are nearly done. Just a few details to finish and they are good.20210610_151236.thumb.jpg.4e2ea3c5e902fad42ef037d28a6b9d1b.jpg

this will probably the last post for this wip until I get new ogres or the other bones ettin ( I have him in metal but he has a design flaw that I just cant ignore or fix so sadly he cant join, but the bones version doesn't seem to have the issue)

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