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Al Capwn

Chibi Sister of Battle

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So this is my first "chibi" like model, and something larger than the usual 28-32mm fare. I found it on Thingiverse, and thought why not. The front of her tabard failed to print, which is unfortunate, but I figured I would soldier on.




I started blocking in a few tones, and working on blending the skin...




...then blocked in some of the gold trim and worked in some more yellow and brown into the hair, refined the eyes and an hour later here we are...



For the skin I used a combination of Kimera Kolors Yellow Oxide & Red Oxide, and Daler Rowney White Ink & Black Ink. The addition of the ink, as well as a bit of satin medium, has helped the skin from becoming chalky. I suspect that the chalkiness has to do with the matte finish that some paints have. I suspect that the matting agent ALSO adds a bit of coarse "grit" into finish, which can develop into texture later on as more is applied and subsequent paint catches onto it. Applying a matte finish as a sealer might be the way to go, rather than working with inherently matte paints for lighter tones such as skintones/whites, but this is just a theory.

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