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The Happy Side of Social Isolation


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And here I was only comparing the vaccine's first dose as a planned fire drill, and the second dose as a false alarm.


With the first dose fire drill, you know it's coming, it's a bit of a hassle, but you go through the drill, pick up the bare minimum like your coat and head out to the muster station.


With the second dose, the false alarm, no one knows it's coming. It's the real fire alarm ringing, the firemen are rushing in, you do evacuate and head out to the muster station but don't know for how long and what sort of danger is really there. It's much more of a bother, and can mess the rest of your day, but you went  through the motions anyway.


From what I understand, the second dose is far more likely to give you the side effects of an immune system on overdrive (fatigue, muscle aches, head aches, etc.), showing that the vaccine response *is* working as intended.

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