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"debasing" not-so public property?


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This whole thing with the 'broccoli' bases is the reason I chided Reaper Ron about the bases at GenCon 2001. Obviously the move towards slotta-bases in the Warlord was inspired by my rant.   :laugh:


Yes, you have me to thank for this!  :D


I am of course being silly.


I don't know if it's true or not, but me and several painters at Gencon did complain how hard it was to remove the old style bases... Ron's response was that he uses a wheel grinder to grind them off...


"Yes Ron, that's nice, but I live in an apartment."


I don't know how much our collective rants had in making Reaper decide to use slots for the Warlord line, but a hearty THANK YOU is duly sent!



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