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3D Printable Texture Rolling Pins


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I think it's a great idea, and reasonably priced.  Though looking at the renders the patterns seem a little too regular. One of the great advantages of the GSW pins (and Basius/Happy Seppuku stamps) is that the pattern is different all over the tool, both allowing for a variety of closely related but not the same bases, or large bases with a unique pattern across.

Without some changes, they look like they'd make some small bases ok but large bases would have repeating elements in what should be a random pattern.  It's more noticible on some than others, for example  #19 has a very distinct crack, #30 has some dry spots that make a nice zigzag pattern.  For the very inorganic and geometric patterns though it's great, but for the more 'natural' or disordered patterns it's kind of jarring to me.

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